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Utilitarianism Essay Examples

Mills utilitarianism
Cannot gauge the utility of action by putting it on the personal criteria of pleasure and pain but it has to be more wholesome resultantly more complex but practicable.Basic Objections to UtilitarianismMost difficult part in the implementation of Bentham’s utilitarianism is that to take an...
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Utilitarianism as the Ethical Theory
Utilitarianism is referred to as an ethical theory. It is also contextualized as a consequential theory based on its features to state which action is right and which one is wrong. To be precise the theory is concerned with the rightness and/or wrongness of human...
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Utilitarianism and Human Rights
The measure of right and wrong, according to Jeremy Bentham, can be understood through the principle of utility which advocates “the greatest happiness of the greatest number.” Although Bentham brought forth his controversial assertion more than two hundred years ago, contemporary scholars continue to deconstruct...
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Utilitarianism and Business Ethics
The response system on ethics acts as a basis for harassed employees to report the issue to the company officials, anywhere in the world (Smith, 2013, p. 1).Smith views competitive laws as being severe as they have zero tolerance for corruption, bribery, and fixing of...
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Deontology and Utilitarianism
If the conduct of an action brings happiness and provides pleasure to others then the conduct of such action is considered as an ethical action. The theory of Utilitarianism is based on the principle that is required to take into consideration the outcome or the...
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Negative Effects of Utilitarianism Principle
It is quite important to state that it takes an effort to be a person and act with integrity. Utilitarianism principle causes people to compromise their moral integrity when they are pushed to engage in horrendous acts, which are justified to be moral by the...
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Application of Utilitarianism on the Taxation Strategy
Privately held wealth and its unequal distribution, and perhaps especially the transmission of such wealth across generations, have long been thought to pose particularly pernicious influences in a liberal democratic state. Thus, some form of a wealth transfer tax--most commonly an estate or an inheritance...
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Application of Act-Utilitarianism in Whistle-blowing
Every company or business normally desires honesty from its employees. The presence of sincerity allows for absolute dedication to the mission and success of an organization. By encouraging the culture of whistleblowing, an organization ensures the promotion of a transparent structure and efficient, clear communication....
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Utilitarianism and John Stuart Mills Theory of Liberty
An apology is due to the philosophical opponents of utilitarianism, for even the momentary appearance of confounding them with anyone capable of so absurd a misconception; which is more extraordinary, inasmuch as the contrary accusation, of referring everything to pleasure, is another of the common...
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The Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports Utilitarianism Theory
Utilitarianism is one of the popular theories of normative ethics and the rule states that, if the consequence of any action offers happiness then it is morally good or great. However, if the consequence of the action offers negative impacts then it may not be...
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Dilemma using Mills Utilitarianism, Kants Deontology, and Aristotles Virtue Ethics
That’s why an attempt to define goodness not by debt, but by something else, like personal enjoyment, individual aims, and circumstances, will lead only to empirical understanding of enjoyment subject, but not to the concept of moral goodness itself (as it has to be). The...
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Business Ethics Utilitarianism and Persons in Utility and Rights
In the present business environment, companies have experienced many changes in their ethical policies and practices. Businesses incorporated different types of ethical policies for benefiting their employees, customers, society and all the persons associated with the businesses. By their ethical policies, the companies show their...
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What are the strengths, and what are the weaknesses, of Benthams utilitarianism
The majority benefit doctrine of Bentham’s utilitarianism and the fact that it has egalitarian basis thus helps to create a universally desired state where the majority of people are happy (Mill, 1998). A typical example of this can be seen in utilitarian bioethics where in...
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Business Law and Ethics, Ethical Theories - Utilitarianism, the Golden Rule, Kants Categorical Imperative and Virtue Ethics
The ethical principle stipulates that decisions involving appropriate actions for the promotion of happiness are consistent with the utilitarian approach. There are two critical types of utilitarianism depending on particular actions or general rules. The act utilitarianism examines a particular action in a given situation....
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Principles of Utilitarianism and Libertarianism to Examine the Appropriateness of Online Education
Education should contribute to the equality of all students from various backgrounds. Electronic learning promotes fairness in society as opposed to traditional classroom learning methods. Therefore, all students face equal treatment in the case of online learning since it does not segregate students according to...
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Kant Grounding for the Metaphysics of Moral, Socrates' Crito and Mill's Utilitarianism
This desired to refrain from causing any discomfort to friends is likely to be highly praised by Kant. Indeed, according to him people should not treat other people as means to achieve their goals. There is no doubt that if Socrates agreed to escape with...
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An Ethical Analysis of the Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sport
According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that there are four major aspects of utilitarianism, namely, hedonistic, positive and negative, ideal, and preference. Hedonistic utilitarianism claims that the correctness of an action relies wholly on the degree of pleasure it is likely...
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The preference should be given to the right of the woman, instead of unborn child. Pro abortionists also argue that parents are in the best position to decide about the future of their life and family, and therefore their decision should not be questioned or...
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Address all of the following parts of this assignment: 1.Prepare a one- to two-page double-spaced outline of your Final Paper. 2.The outline must contain the following major sections that will exist in the Final Paper: a.A description of a business s
In arriving at the best alternative: identifying the issue or action under consideration, specifying the parties that might be affected by the chosen alternative, determining the positive and negative consequences on the involved parties, summing up the merits and demerits of the selected course of...
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Abortion as Ethical Dilemma
Every child in the world has a right to live whether they are born out of wedlock or love. Considered as the little angels, they are blessings from above. Every person, every child has to experience life’s pleasures, may it be happy or sad. The...
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Ethical Theories in Public Health
He poses an argument that the naïve view focuses on the immediate consequences of an action. Evidently, this is a flawed application of the principle, as it is obvious that actions exhibit both short-term and long-term effects. His argument introduces an ardent need for the...
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Formulating Policies of Combating Influenza Pandemic
The World Health Organization identified utilitarianism as one of the ethical principles that can serve as a guideline in the definition of policies that have the potential of addressing an influenza pandemic. Utilitarianism focuses on the potential consequences of any policy decided upon as one...
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Will attach a word document with all the information
On the other hand, the retail client organization is affected by the decision-making dilemma since it may end-up with the cheapest or the comparatively expensive garment supplier, based on the consultant’s decision. The specific ethical issue is whether all rational persons would agree that a...
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Evaluation of Business Ethics to Bank Muscat's Stakeholders
The major teleological theories of business ethics are utilitarianism and egoism. There is a distinction between egoism and utilitarianism. The consequences to other people will define acts as either ethical or unethical in utilitarianism, while in egoism the consequences to one’s self will define acts...
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Ethics and Moral Theories
Feminist ethics can be subdivided into Care Focused feminist ethics and Status Oriented Feminist ethics. Care focused feminist ethics challenged the ontological supposition that the more separated one is from others, the more fully developed the self is. They also challenged the assumption that the...
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Ethical and Psychological Egoism
Psychological egoism postulates that everyone always acts or behaves in a manner that best serves their interests. Thus, it asserts that an act will be considered natural because whoever committed the act was fulfilling his interest. However, the egocentric nature is considered as a vice...
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A Sort of True-Life Travel Memoir by Author Eric Weiner
The author focuses on the equation of happiness as a quantifiable element, for the greater good and altruism, and this is something that is easy for many to support. “The greatest number" included all who were affected by the action in question with "each to...
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The Utilitarian Decision to Seek a Divorce
After the couple has made the utilitarian decision to seek a divorce, the state, through divorce and family court, becomes the self-interested party. The court has many aspects to consider. They have the wishes of the parents, the well-being of the children, and the public...
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Contemporary Management Issues and Utilitarian Principles versus Deontological Principles
Deontologists argue the rightness or wrongness of an action does not depend on the goodness or badness of its consequences. In contrast, consequentialism holds that the right act or system of rules is the one that maximizes or satisfies good consequences as determined by an...
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Governmental Encroachment upon the Freedom
John Stuart Mill's On Liberty (1859) is the classic statement and defense of the view that governmental encroachment upon the freedom of individuals is almost never warranted. A genuinely civil society, he maintained, must always guarantee the civil liberty of its citizens—their protection against interference...
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Weighing the Ethics of Euthanasia, Tackling the Dilemma of Its Ethical Acceptability
For instance, that one culture deems eating the bodies of their dead fathers unethical, and that another deems burning the remains of their dead fathers unethical, does not mean that there is no absolute moral and ethical standard with regard to disposing of the remains...
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Ethical Theories Regarding Arguments For and Against the Construction of a New Dam with the Eviction of People, Global Warming, and Nuclear Power
Construction of a dam is a decision that has negative as well as a number of positives. While construction of a dam it is essential to also take into account that the decision taken will affect the lives of many people living in and around...
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Internet Gives Teenage Bullies Weapons to Wound From Afar
Deontological thinking is based on the notion that we have a duty to do certain things and not to do others. Doing “right” has precedence overdoing “good”. “Right” has to do with actions while “good” has to do with outcomes (“Ethical Theory - Deontology,” 2011)....
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The Utilitarian Theory on the Moral Issue
According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that the ethical theory of hedonism holds that the supreme end of man consists in the experiencing pleasure. This implies that man’s action is good or bad depending on whether it gives pleasure or earthly...
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A Practical Approach towards Solving Ethical Dilemmas
From the backdrop of the given case study, it can be stated that Jenny is facing an ethical dilemma. The situation being faced by Jenny can be considered to constitute an ethical dilemma because two moral values can be identified to be in conflict. The...
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Critically evaluate a corporation of your choosing from the perspective(s) of business ethics, corporate social responsibility and / or sustainability using two contrasting conceptual or theoretical approaches
A number of critics have contradicted the approach of this theory. Few critics have argued that the theory of utilitarianism is only focused towards the consequences of the actions. They have also mentioned that the theory has not provided adequate considerations to the other factors...
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The Nike Business Issue
Among the many theories, two ethical systems stand out. They are the Utilitarian theory and the Deontological theory. Utilitarianism was first propagated by Jeremy Bentham (1789) and John Stuart Mill (1806-1873) who believed in ethics of consequences meaning that an action is good if it...
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Elements of Moral Philosophy
Critics argue that the theory does not provide enough protection for individual rights, as well as not everything cannot be measured by the same standards. Other issues have not been considered such as rights, justice, depression personal relationships, and neglecting our normal lives. For example,...
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The Implications of the Ethical Utilitarian and the Ethical Relativism on Ethical Practices by Correctional Officers
To uphold ethical practices towards prisoners, the concept of the powers that police/correctional officers have over prisoners must not be abused. If maltreated, prisoners may develop feelings of dependency and powerlessness. There are several ways in which the unethical use of such police powers over...
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Religion in the Workplace
Thus, all adult individuals are equal both politically and legally, whatever religious views they have. Everyone has the right on self-realization if it does not infringe upon others. This way religious background comes to be irrelevant, as all individuals have inalienable rights, regardless of their...
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Social Science
There were many opponents and allies of Mill’s writings with respect to his ability to review other philosopher’s works in an effort to ensure validity in his own convictions and assessments. It would appear that many other’s agree with and, for instance, “Mill, with de...
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Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
The fourth major theory of ethics can be the Aristotelian theory of virtue and virtuous life. According to this theory, virtue is the highest and most inclusive ethical value based on which human action has to be understood (Aristotle, 2008, p.47). This theory is based...
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Occupy Wall Street Movement
The 1% was regarded to have a lump sum amount of money, power and wealth and was interested in conflict with “the economic well-being of the rest of the country”. The 1% and 99% agenda proposed by the movement was taken differently by different critics....
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Mutiny in the Manufacturing Department
In addition to that, Deontology would also put emphasis on another aspect of Alan’ duty, namely his responsibility to nurture a good specialist. Indeed, as it is stated in the case study, it is quite obvious that if Bob had been allowed to make that...
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Advertising and Social Responsibility, Utilitarian Ethical Theory
According to the Bureau Consumers Protection, all product advertisements in the US must be truthful, not deceptive and fair. Additionally, advertisers are required to have evidence that supports the claims that they make. In this way, the consumers will have confidence while contacting the organizations...
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Critical Business Ethics In Global Workplace Human Relations
Researchers have proposed similar definitions, for example; ethics refers to the standards used to determine the wrongness or rightness of an individual’s relations to others in terms of justice and truth. business ethics is the compilation of rules that stipulate the manner in which organizations...
Pages: 10 (2500 words) , Coursework , Human Resources
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Ethical Manager In Business
. The ethical framework is effective in constructing a healthy and cooperative organizational culture.Thus, ethical frameworks provide the basic and moral principles needed to develop a multi-cultural organizational environment that takes into account the common good and interests of employees. One of the most significant...
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Just War: What are some circumstances that would make a war just or unjust
The theory takes an agent-centered perspective instead of what one does. There are various examples that can be used to get a better understanding of the theory of virtue ethics in the argument against just war. For example in the case of the worst holocaust...
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Private Information: Ethics in an Information Age
The removal process of the alibi device is the second most important reason for not using the alibi device for a current officer and new employees. If they have adopted the alibi device for the demand of current job, but when they went off from...
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Unethical Drug Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry
An example of the unethical marketing practices would be the targeted advertising and marketing aimed at arthritic patients and convincing them to take drugs like Vioxx that have longer term side effects on the patients. The way in which drug companies marketed the said drug...
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