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Public Relations and Tourism in Lebanon
Destination branding and public relations is a very scantily researched area. The possible reason could be that till recently tourism has mostly been considered a leisure activity. It thus becomes essential to study the relation between public relations and tourism.Literature from different authors and researchers demonstrate that tourist destination image is very important as it influences the decision making process. Tourist destination image is important because they not only influence the
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Insolvent corporates turnaround success, in Europe, under existing inslovency legislation
It is the inability to meet debt obligations. It is the status determined by a bankruptcy court that a person or business cannot raise the funds to pay all of his/her debts. In the US a failure is not considered a stigma and hence encourages entrepreneurs to try their skills at starting business ventures. The failed entrepreneurs are not barred from new ventures and a failure is a considered a learning process. The firms are encouraged to turnaround the company.A turnaround is an extreme
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Analysis of current pedagogyin the classroom
Characters, events etc.); what they didn’t like; anything that they didn’t understand (e. parts of the story, or why certain characters behaved in a certain way; patterns (e. in the text, illustrations, events, etc.The group met again this time with the teacher to discuss what they read and any other issue related to the text that came up. All the students’ responses were recorded under the categories listed above.The lesson began with the teacher in the Reader’s Circle group meeting
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A Study of How Donations to Non-Profit Organizations Contribute to the Financing of Terrorism
The current paper is an attempt at highlighting the issue and explores the concept of such funding through charities from several perspectives.The world is gripped against the threat of terror and the recent years have seen a vast increase in the rise of terrorist organizations over many parts of the world. While some are based on religious faith, others have been formed as a result of armed struggle, territorial conflicts or otherwise. We live in an ear fueled by the onset of religious
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Effective Supervision Can Minimize Staff Turnover from Burn-Out in Direct Care Staff in Adolescent Residential Settings
Most of these top level staff often complain about the long hours of work they spend on paperwork which according to them causes less communication and contact with residents and direct care workers (Bowers 2003).Another study conducted by the California Association of Homes and Services for the Adolescents found unswerving complaints from direct care staff that they feel that they themselves and the work that they do are not given due importance. Using in-depth interviews, it was known that
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The Human Brain And The Continuum of Peak Experience
In other words, all human beings are open to this transcendent or peak experience because of the way we are made and have evolved over time.The term ‘peak experience’ literally means the epitome or the climax of any experience or series of experiences. The term peak experience denotes a deeply profound, even esoteric feeling, which rises from “intense personal experiences that involved ‘moments of great joy,” and is chiefly attributed to Abraham Maslow. (Wilson and Spencer 565) Maslow
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Islamic Studies and political
Takfir is fairly regarded as one of the most dreadful and the least understood Islamic practices. Takfir is often called a cancer that permeates the whole Islamic world (Skelly 2010). Today, it is takfir that is responsible for the atrocities caused by numerous terrorist acts in different countries of the world. It is due to takfir that fundamentalist Islamic organizations can readily justify their actions against all non-Muslims. Takfir gives these organizations an opportunity “to act in the
Pages: 25 (6250 words), Thesis
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What Psychological Impacts does Horror films have on children and society
Some of the horror films stay number one on the charts for many weeks at a time. Examples of famous horror Hollywood movies include The Shining, The Silence of the Lambs, Exorcist, Psycho, Night of the Living Dead, Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Wait until Dark and Drag me to Hell. The success of these movies has led to the production of even more horror movies (Rickitt 11). The very names of the films are suggestive of the sheer horror and violence that they contain. Horror scenes in movies have
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Art galleries in berlin
What this means is that the author will exhaust available document on the subject of the study both from the organization itself and third-party records. Case studies will be employed in order to present authoritative findings by functioning as reference points in the discussion. It must be underscored that, in the past, quantitative method could have sufficed but today, the dynamics in research has changed. Denzin and Lincoln (2005) maintained: “Rapid social change and the resulting
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Design for Competency Development Plan to Key Client Team in Sales Organization : A Corporate People Development Planning process for Freight Forwarding Industry in Hong Kong
Based convergence/divergence parameters of the organization in the freight forwarding industry in Hong Kong for the continuous analysis for a proper articulation of the HRM strategy at a broader level though its theoretical underpinnings are based on the need to focus attention on the evolving environment of competition (Silber, & Kearny, 2009). HRM policies and initiatives have received greater attention in the current period due to highly articulate employee skills training and development
Pages: 32 (8000 words), Thesis
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Projects in business environment-2
(Bamber, Ryan and Wailes, 2004) In the past, the new entrants with new technologies and expectancy had years of monopoly to exploit their technological advantages, which have now shrunk to a few months only. This observation indicates that if any company undertakes investment in technology, such a company will dictate the direction of the international business environment in this century and many years to come. Hence, Walmart can invest its huge capital in the technological investment detailed
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Viral Marketing
Undoubtedly, in the future the role of viral marketing will become increasingly essential, and new media and technologies will come out. Yet, marketers should always bear in mind that a new media and technology can only be effective when potential customers are capable of and eager to use, accept, and understand it in their buying preferences. Indeed, viral marketing is just beginning to be recognised in the Czech Republic, although it is certainly the suggested and chosen standard in current
Pages: 45 (11250 words), Thesis
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Clinical Trial Drugs Regulations and Manufacture
Traditionally, clinical drug trials can be associated with pharmaceutical medicine. The history of pharmaceutical medicine can be accredited sixteen distinct contributions as directly cited by the Drug Study Institute (Saponaro, 2011): In 1906 the Pure Food and Drug Act was passed, partly due to Dr. Wileys Poison Squad experiments. It forbade interstate and foreign commerce of adulterated and misbranded food and drugs. There were no safety or efficacy requirements. In 1902 Dr. Wiley started
Pages: 46 (11500 words), Thesis
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Urban Nomadism - Tecno Nomadism - Neo Nomadism
What are the best types of transportable tools that are ideal for a modern nomadic lifestyle? As a solution to this haunting question, a wide study is performed and discussed here.The most wonderful point of discussion is the architectural creativity that made a space for easy transportation and survival for the modern as well as the post modern nomads. This paper purely talks about the emergence of neo nomadism with respect to the technological effects and the means of leading a nomadic
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Rebrand king fahad Airport
This change and alteration will be acting as a convincing aspect for the individuals.Try to establish and create new rules of conduct. These rules and regulations with regard to the behavior of employees will be giving passengers a comfortable ambiance and at the same time visitors would be started increasing if King Fahad Airport would be able to continue and adopt always say YES policy with his clients and customers.Try to conduct a portfolio analysis on a regular basis. This analysis will be
Pages: 5 (1250 words), Thesis
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Criminal justice
Behavioral approach is one of them, and this focuses on the objectives, whether they have been achieved or not. The main objectives of the program, as stated earlier are to develop professional skills in handling issues concerning crime and justice. This evaluation can be done by observing the changes in the behavior of the recruits during training, and after training. This information can be obtained from the reports written by the trainers. The work of the recruits can be assessed and their
Pages: 4 (1000 words), Thesis
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Should parents medicate a child diaganosed with ADHD
The medication used in this treatment is called a ‘stimulant’. Stimulants may be considered as unusual to treat children with ADHD but it actually gives a calming effect to the children and slows them down. Stimulant medications of many types are available commonly as they are the most effective. Other medications that are non-stimulants work differently on children. Stimulants reduce the impulsivity and hyperactivity to improve the ability to work, focus, and learn. They also tend to
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Air Carrier Maintenance Program Review
Many critical components of aircraft have a specified life, measured in flying hours. After an aircraft flies for the designated number of hours called the retirement hours, these components are replaced, even if they are not damaged. Each major part of an aircraft has a unique part number and a service life. Workshops need to maintain a logbook that records the number of hours flown by the machine, the parts serviced, and replaced (Schafer, 2006, p. Please refer to the following figure that
Pages: 7 (1750 words), Thesis
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Airline and pilot safety
In the recent past, recognition of the human-technology dynamic as an aviation accident causative factor has garnered significant attention and support. Referred to as the sociotechnical standpoint, this perspective on safety proposes that human interaction with aviation equipment is responsible for a considerable proportion of aircraft accidents (Wiegmann et al. Presently, most researchers have come to a consensus that these accidents are as a result of a combination of all these factors, as
Pages: 35 (8750 words), Thesis
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Imagining the west
Turners frontier myth, the "gathering, meeting, point between of civilization and savagery", characterized the American’s relationship with the natural world found and misused for the name of advancement. The West availed the free land on which democracy and equality based system could thrive. The present of a continuously growing frontier was to account for remarkable American qualities: "the presence of a zone of free land, its consistent recession, and the development of American
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