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Psychology Term Paper Samples

The Occurrence of Depression and Suicide in Older Adults
Clearly, this is a problem that must not be ignored, particularly among older adults who are disproportionately impacted. Although older adults currently make up only 13% of the population, they suffer 19% of all suicide deaths. Persons who are 65 years have the highest suicide...
Pages: 15 (3750 words) , Term Paper , Occurrence , Jackson Pollock
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The Effects of Television Viewing on Children's Language Development
Viewing adult-oriented programmes can lead to poor language development in pre-schoolers. In fact, such programmes may cause poorer expressive language and lower vocabulary. Television viewing during childhood can also have adverse associations with later educational achievement (Hancox, R., Milne, B., & Poulton, R.)...
Pages: 6 (1500 words) , Term Paper , Television , Language Development
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Evolutionary Psychology and the Generation of Culture
The study and practice of psychology are based principally on more abstract theories. The general conclusions and assumptions of psychological theories, unlike other sciences such as biology or physics, are not widely accepted because the instigating factors determining human behaviors are varied and complex....
Pages: 14 (3500 words) , Term Paper , Evolutionary Economics , Generation
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Types of Reasoning: Deductive, Inductive, and Statistical
Children use good reasoning skills under certain circumstances, but more often their skills are rough and lead them to incorrect conclusions. As a type of intelligence, the ability to reason is inborn but poorly manifested; it can be further developed through an exercise and experience...
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Mental Health Needs of Muslim Americans
Muslims in the United States began in the 1800s and they came primarily from the Middle East. The Muslim religion grew rapidly in the United States because of the conversion of approximately three million African Americans (Locke, p. One important concept to understand about Muslims...
Pages: 14 (3500 words) , Term Paper , Nation of Islam , Muslim Women
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Client-Centered Therapy by Carl Rogers
There are a  number of important conditions that enable the therapeutic process to occur. One core condition for personality change is that the client is experiencing incongruency (Rogers 1989). This is a Rogerian term indicating that the person’s ideal self and their actual self are...
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A Psychoanalytic Deconstruction of Characters from James Joyce's Araby Short Story
The bazaar is all but closed when he gets there and he ends up coming home without having bought anything for the girl. The sense of desolation and disillusionment this event brings with it is left to the reader’s imagination, with the boy only summing...
Pages: 5 (1250 words) , Term Paper , James Joyce Eveline , James Joyce
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Critical Psychology and Freedom
Individuals have desired to be free and are always on the motive of getting liberation. However political freedom appears to be paradoxical and is almost theoretical rather than practical. According to Rose, this is because the world today is characterized by the opposition existing between...
Pages: 6 (1500 words) , Term Paper , Personal Freedom , Freedom Riders
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Family in Career Counseling
Pearson and Bieschke (2001), there is a sequential reaction of cultural values and attitudes in the familial family system, showing how subjects respond in deciding future professions. Relatively, family perceptions on education and work values can directly affect higher career moves in African American women ...
Pages: 7 (1750 words) , Term Paper , Career , Counseling
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Oppositional Defiant Disorder And Conduct Disorder
Douglas is now 18 years old and is in high school. He is fully rehabilitated from drugs and is seemingly quite happy with the way life is going. However, life, as it is, has turned for the better for a boy whose life remained a...
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The Factors that made Hitler Aggressive and Dictatorial
Referring to Hitler’s relationship with his father, Fest says, “His father Alois, a customs official by profession, was tremendously violent to his wife and son, and used to beat them often. The regular whipping committed by his father made him extremely sympathetic to his mother...
Pages: 4 (1000 words) , Term Paper , Treaty of Versailles , Rise of Hitler
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Behaviorism as Stimulus-Response Method
B.F. Skinner was the pioneer of empirical tests used to examine the question that whether learning would occur as a result of reinforcements. His perspective holds that the mind at work, cannot be exactly tested. Therefore, proponents of behaviorism are concerned with behavior as the...
Pages: 15 (3750 words) , Term Paper , Pavlov , Operant Conditioning
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Leadership Theory and Application
This first assessment reflects my abilities to be a leader. Actually, I used to be chosen as the captain of our home team every time in order to lead the other players. I used to lead the team to numerous tournaments, controlling my teammates, choosing...
Pages: 10 (2500 words) , Term Paper , Self Assessment , Good Leader
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Humanistic Psychotherapy and Clients' Cultural Background
Humanistic psychotherapy is an applied branch of humanistic psychology and philosophy that stresses deep personal inquiry into the purpose and meaning of life. It incorporates the conditions through which people intimately know themselves in order to fulfill their aspirations. It is influenced by the humanistic...
Pages: 13 (3250 words) , Term Paper , Psychotherapy , Freud Jung
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With the below scenario in mind Develop an abbreviated quantitative research plan
This approach also reports actual findings based on facts. Ptients who have undergone psychological treatment for reducing stress and mental illness at least once in life will be the target population. Te researcher will identify the target population by obtaining record from some target clinics....
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The Issue of Animal Ethics
The ability of an animal to undergo pain and feel other aversive experiences calls for an account of their well-being. Pain leads to disaster or harm but some other cases this might not be the case. An animal giving birth or treat for a disease...
Pages: 4 (1000 words) , Term Paper , Animal Rights , Animal Farms
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Stresses and coping
This is true even when they perceive that they are in control. Pople may also feel cannot control stress because they have low coping skills. Tis could be the case with Tom. H needs to have better coping skills; hndle the situation than run away...
Pages: 6 (1500 words) , Term Paper
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The Difference between Written and Spoke Language
On the other hand, soken language makes use of incomplete sentences, iterrupt structures and other altered sentence structures (Auer, 2009). Tese characteristics of spoken language are not evident in written language, wich places emphasis on the correct use of sentence structures and clauses. Witten language...
Pages: 8 (2000 words) , Term Paper , Special Slang Or Jargon , Language
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Love's Executioner & Freud on Death
Penny lacked memories of when and how she knew of her daughter’s death, iplying the memory loss that occurs during the trauma. Te story “Fat Lady” is about Betty, wose obesity was getting her down. Te woman had earlier conducted a therapist who was so...
Pages: 5 (1250 words) , Term Paper , Leukemia , Freud Psychoanalysis
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Motivation and emotion
It is essential to note that such behaviours might be intentional or unintentional inclusive of the facial expressions and body language. Smilarly, mtivation and emotion psychology relates to physical reactions which integrate substantial body changes, wich tend to occur when an individual experiences an emotion....
Pages: 7 (1750 words) , Term Paper , Motivation , Intrinsic Motivation
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