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Statistics Project

The Salient Features of Fly Light a Low-Cost Carrier
Fly Light’s systems such as the daily operation of the business, including its core processes and its support systems are very efficient. The systems as a whole support the profitability and efficiency objective of the organization. Fly Light makes use of advanced information technology to enhance customer service as well as increasing operational efficiency.
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Recovering of the UK Economy after Thatcher Crisis
The unemployment rate in the UK is the highest since the 1997 Asian crisis. Down by 0.1% as compared to the previous quarter, only 29.38 mln or 74.1% of the working-age individuals are employed as of January 2009. The unemployment rate increased up to 6.5% which is 165,000 or a little more than 0.5% higher as compared to the previous quarter.
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Evaluation of the London congestion pricing program
The transport strategy of the mayor was also to be included in this ten yeas allocation. Actually the disposal of potential revenue had to be a mandatory part of any road pricing plan for London. Such net revenue distribution is presented in Table 2.The effects of both original and the extended LCC project are required to be evaluated discretely. The extended area is highlighted in figure 3.In the year 2003 and 2004 the total traffic volume which entered the charged zone through pricing
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Strategic Role of Employee Performance Recognition in Increasing Employee Productivity
Have resulted in increasing the level of self actualization among the employees along with enhancing the level of enthusiasm employees, all of which in turn directly resulted in higher level of job contentment among the employees of the companies as they have now obtained higher level of self-esteem. Such a strong significant relationship between the level of participation and job statistician might have stemmed from the fact that the process of participation involves distribution of the impact
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Case _ Young Professional Magazine
Companies that would be ideal for advertising in the magazine based upon the average age of 30 include: beer companies such as Budweiser and Miller Brewing Company, clothing companies such as Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs, online investment firms such as E-Trade and Scottrade, restaurants/bars such as Bar Louie and the Cheesecake Factory, computer companies such as Apple and Dell, online shopping websites such as Amazon and E-bay, etcFrom the confidence interval of age, then advertisements
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The Main Problems and Potential Solutions to the Unemployment Issue
Overall the problem of unemployment is said to be increasing as there is no viable solution provided by the government itself. In the short run many of the youth are out of work and in the long run, the situation will further deteriorate as the population is increasing with no real jobs being created.
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PASW / SPSS assesment 2 (Quantitative Analysis)
This suggests that there is employment discrimination between men and women in terms of level of employment.The change in salary per month of female clerical respondents ranged from $70.1 to $387 (M = $152, SD = $52. The change in salary per month of female clerical respondents was non-normally distributed, with skewness of 1.23 (SE = 0.17) and kurtosis of 2.52 (SE = 0.The change in salary per month of male clerical respondents ranged from $79 to $784 (M = $192, SD = $87. The change in salary
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Scaling Study
However, we cannot infer any conclusion for the population since the sample size was very limited but yet it was conspicuous that mobile advertising was viewed as irritating and annoying by the respondents. In addition to that, it was also found that mobile advertising was not a very credible medium. This can be subjective as each of the respondents may have different experiences with the mobile. Finally, the attitude toward mobile was not perceived as positive by the sample as this attribute
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An Important Function in the Management of an Organisation of SAP
The organisation works through a number of teams. The teams comprise of sales staff, consulting staff, training staff and solutions architects. The teams form quality circles and work toward specific goals. They perform activities in accordance to meeting customer needs and aim to bring about competitive advantage to the company.
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Data Analysis
One important note: it may be asked why housing expenses were not taken into account. It was felt that with the current difficulties in the housing market, the turbulence in using such a measure may not yield fully predictive results. The expenses in gas, alcohol, and healthcare were believed to be more stable measures of household expenses at present; therefore, they were the variables chosen to predict overall household budgets.Ultimately upon determining a useful estimate of overall family
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Dubai Police Website (Fines Section) and Privacy Concern
The study wishes to find the demographics of those committing traffic violations. Table 1 shows the frequency and percentage distribution of the respondents who received a traffic violation. A total of 66% (n = 212) of the respondents received a traffic violation, with 124 males and 88 females. For both males and females, more respondents received a traffic violation than those who did not receive a traffic violation, n = 124 and n = 88, respectively. For the males, those who are aged from 27
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CQF final Project
Newton and add fifty times that random number that is between zero and one which will give us a number between zero and fifty with equal probability line between them. For all the other variables, this will take place for all values that include the diameter and inertia.This involves making a decision as to how many samples are required which gives the random n samples which in return are a vector of uniformly distributed numbers between zero and one which give uniformly distributed forces
Pages: 12 (3000 words), Statistics Project
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Statistical analysis of sales, costs and profits of a chosen company
Once the data is interpreted, representative diagrams will be used to capture the details after comparison. This will include bar graphs, charts and so on. The analyzed data will then be interpreted through careful observation of the trend in the last ten years of the company’s performance.Below is the performance of the company for the last 10 years that is from 2002. It includes the sales, costs, and profits of the company spread over the years. Form the table below, it can be seen that the
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Theoretical analysis
The theorists according to Giugliano thus view sexual addiction as a way of coffering temporal reprieve for insecurity, anxiety, and depression for people who did not experience parental attachment; which is necessary in developing secure relationships. The resulting behavior thus leads one to peer-attachments and commitment to monogamous attachment problems (Bradshaw, 1988 in Giugliano, 2003). Likewise, the trauma theory views sexual addiction as an aspect of post traumatic sexual disorder,
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Business Statistics
Since the mean value and the median are approximately same, hence, both of them can be regarded as the best representative of the given sample. The sum of all values is found to be equal to 183 cups.The significance of the mean value to be the representative of the given sample can be assessed by using the dispersion measures. The range being the simplest measure of variation explains how distant the lowest value and the highest value in a data set are located. Variance and standard deviation,
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Prepare a report presenting the results of the analysis of recent trends in sales, costs and profits of a chosen company
In order to counter the steps made by their competitors, the company watches over them.The company has several branches across the world. Although the major branches are in the United States, sales volume outside US exceeds them. Given the marketing strategies used in other parts of the world, the products sell a lot (Breneiser & Allen, 2011).The Coca Cola Company operates in socially and environmentally friendly manner. That remains a long-term priority of the company. It is committed to
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Transparency in the cost of justice
It can be seen that the lawyer cost in the instant case is common in all countries. Italy has a high lawyer cost in CA1A. Ireland, Poland, Luxembourg, Estonia, Austria, UK are comparatively cheaper in lawyer fee. Lawyers, as legal experts deal with legal costs that have a bearing on the restoration of the privileges of litigants to carry out the litigation costs. The costs are better in UK probably because of transparent court procedures. Lawyers’ fees form the most significant part of the
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The Determinants of Household Poverty in the USA - 1980
Correlation analysis has been used to establish the nature of the relationship between each of the independent variables and poverty (whether positive or negative). Using regression analysis, the independent variables are investigated for their ability to predict levels of poverty within the sample population. This type of analysis also provides the basis for obtaining a predictive model that can be used to project future poverty levels based on varying levels of income, growing urbanization,
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Factors affecting lung capacity in terms of age,height and physical condition
To Levitzky (2007), “during normal, quiet breathing the TV of a 70-kg adult is about 500 mL per breath, however this volume can increase dramatically, for instance, during exercise”. the hypothesis behind this is that TC can be increased when the body uses some of the inspiratory or expiratory reserve lung volume to bring more fresh air into the body.The volume of gas that is inhaled into the lungs during a maximal forced inspiration starting at the end of a normal tidal inspiration is
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The Study of Storm Drainage: the Analysis of Hydrographs
In the study of storm drainage, the analysis of hydrographs is important. A hydrograph plots the river discharge as a function of time. Measurements are done at a certain point in a river. Rainfall is the input used to a watershed and the stream flow is also considered as the output of the watershed.
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About Statistics Project

A Vast Array of Expertise & Resources for Your Statistics Project

As a future statistician, you will work within many theoretical and applied frameworks within science and mathematics to understand how data is manipulated to create specific outcomes. Big data is the new oil, and a statistician or data scientist has become a crucial part of any organization today. While you may have conquered most of your exams and have outstanding grades on your term papers and other tests, your statistics project is a crucial part of you graduating and getting into the honor roll. The great thing about statistics is that it finds wide applications in almost every other field. This means that you have plenty of data and simulations to work with. But this doesn’t take away from the difficulty of working on a statistics project.

Your project will require you to tackle a complex research question based on statistical techniques as applied in either mathematics or the sciences. The research you embark upon may be centered on data collection and synthesis, data analyses, and data visualization. To succeed in your project, you not only need to have access to ideas for statistics projects for college, but you may also require examples of datasets for statistics projects. This is exactly what our service aims to provide. Our experts can examine what your proposal is and suggest the best kinds of tests which would be useful for analyzing your data. Through our statistics project examples, you can learn how to apply statistical methods to a real world and derive a real solution. We also provide you with a direct platform to talk to our experts who are accredited statisticians working in various institutions around the world.

Get Access to Superb Statistics Project Ideas

Whether you are doing an AP final year project or are prepping yourself for your dissertation, our statistics project ideas will come in handy. A typical statistics project at its most basic will require you to incorporate everything that you have learned in your course into designing an experiment, doing an exploratory analysis of data, and testing a hypothesis or carrying out regression. You may be required to use an existing sample of data, or you may be required to collect that data through a survey. If you fall in the latter category, our statistics survey project ideas will provide great fodder for those looking to do on-campus surveys, and those looking to do descriptive inference of two separate populations not necessarily in the same place (for example at school and within your community).

A lot of students fair well at causal analyses but suffer greatly when it comes to incorporating or assessing the effects of confounders and other variables. Through our college statistics projects examples, you will be able to learn how to assess the influence of such variables on the outcome of your analysis and how to credit those relationships, especially if the variables pose heavy distortion on your final results.

One great area we have worked in is data from the Innocence Project, which aims at overturning wrongful convictions in the US through DNA testing. Through our Innocence project statistics samples, you will gain key insights into how the criminal justice system works and how statistical inferences from the overturned convictions (say, 5% of all those sentenced to death are wrongly convicted) can help prevent such cases in the future. This is a great case of how statistics can be applied to solve a real-world problem.

Advanced Statistics Project Help

We cater to every level for those who need statistics help, from undergraduate to postgraduate level. From our team, you can get a statistics research project idea covering the following areas:

  • Applications of conceptual issues like randomization, cross-validation, the margin of error, data visualization, sampling and overfitting to an area such as healthcare or an optimization problem in engineering.
  • Project management statistics. By using sample data that our experts have collected from global behemoths such as PwC, McKinsey, and Coca-Cola, you can answer questions such as why 70% of IT projects fail to meet their deadlines, why less than 35% of projects fail to adhere to budgets and why at least 50% of all organizations suffer at least one project failure in a year.
  • Using an R package to visualize the probability of success of say a marketing campaign based on gender and location indicators.

These are advanced statistics ideas, although we also have statistics project ideas high school — for example, the probability of an accident happening in your neighborhood based on a one-month data collection. Or, a statistical analysis of traffic congestion in your city between 7.00 AM and 7.00 P.M based on weekly data collection, and presented with visual aids such as histograms and pie charts. We also have plenty of fun statistics projects, for instance, the probability of somebody passing wind after eating garlic food, based on a sample size of 25 classmates. Or, how funny is your favorite comedian? Testing Dave Chappelle and Seth Rogen on a sample of 5 students to see their frequency of laughter over a 1-hour duration with ANOVA design.

Use Our Statistics Project Topics to Customize Your Own

We not only provide ideas for projects but have also worked on numerous samples which will ultimately better your presentation skills. Designing a statistical experiment takes time to refine, and most students can only create questions but not a real hypothesis. Beyond our statistics project topics, you also have the opportunity to design a hypothesis test and compare that to what our experts have produced.

Sample statistics project topics that you can benefit from and modify to fit your own project needs include:

  • Correlation and regression analysis of stream catchment models with rainfall data from weather stations.
  • A statistical study of the removal of a chemical compound using three different types of biofilters.
  • A statistical case study of the performance of three schools based on their overall expenditure per student.
  • Sampling meals from various outlets to determine their statistical content and actual results in a sample population.

We not only provide topic ideas but also give you access to sample datasets for statistics projects which you can use to create your models and modify these later. But our statistics help doesn’t end at advanced levels such as college exclusively. We provide easy statistics project ideas, such as designing a procurement schedule for a local store based on a 7 day sample of customer purchases, sampling the number and type of car per household in your neighborhood and how this relates to profession, and sampling a local library system to check which books are borrowed the most. Most of these are high school statistics projects which can clearly be articulated and worked on by students at this level.

Find All You Need from Our Statistics Project Topics List 

The first task in working on a statistics project is finding an interesting question to investigate. This should be something that is relevant and quite clearly defined. For example, “how many females visit hospital X?” is a good question, but it isn’t relevant and is also to some extent quite ambiguous. A better question would be “how many women who visit hospital X are diagnosed with endometriosis?” This is a better question because you can infer crucial data from it based on the sample population and use this data to solve a problem.

We have plenty of good topics for statistics projects for students at all levels. These are aimed at testing and building your understanding of such critical concepts as discrete and continuous probabilities, measures of dispersion, measures of central tendency, tests (chi-square, Z, T-tests, etc.) and descriptive statistics. Our statistics project topics list aims to cover every discipline from engineering, mathematics, healthcare, finance and accounting, marketing, law and most other general and specialized disciplines that you can think of. These cover everything from data collection, analysis and visualization. If you require a more specialized project involving the use of technology as a medium, such as data analysis with Python and visualization with node.js, we have you covered as well.

Order Today & See Great Results

As you can see, we make a point of availing a wide array of good statistic project ideas for your perusal. These are topics which take from applications in daily life to more complex topics which find their applications in heavy and specialized industries. Maybe you are thinking of only taking up statistics for your undergrad degree but want to major in or find career progression in a different industry. In this case, the resources that we provide will come in handy for everyone in different disciplines. Or maybe, you are not a statistics or mathematics major but desire to work on a statistic project. In this case, we provide a wide variety of interesting statistics project ideas which are infused with your own educational background.

Our help is meant to inspire you to do well both in your day-to-day and capstone projects. However, if you need more advanced help with your statistics assignments and projects, feel free to talk to one of our experts, or order today!

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