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Protein Synthesis Essay Examples

Magic Bullet: Antimicrobial Drugs
The drug that we know as antibiotic today, was initially called Pyocyanase, isolated from pseudomonas aeruginosa by Emmerich and Low in 1899 (Aminov 2010). They studied its antimicrobial effects, but since the results were not consistent and the drug toxicity was high, the whole idea...
Pages: 6 (1500 words) , Essay , Health Sciences & Medicine
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The Process of Transcription and Modifications Does Eukaryotic mRNA Receive During Processing
Outline the process of transcription. You may use a diagram to illustrate your description. With regards to RNA polymerase, how does transcription differ between prokaryotes and eukaryotes? Transcription is the process of synthesizing messenger RNA (mRNA) from template DNA. There are three stages of transcription....
Pages: 12 (3000 words) , Assignment , Biology
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Regulation of Physiological Process by Insulin
Insulin is secreted by the organ pancreas. The physiological actions of insulin can be categorized as rapid, intermediate and delayed. The rapid actions are those which occur within minutes and are mainly, increased transport of glucose, aminoacids and potassium ions into insulin sensitive cells. The...
Pages: 7 (1750 words) , Essay , Health Sciences & Medicine
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The co-chaperones of heat shock proteins and disease
Definition, overview and the functions of the HSP Heat shock proteins tend to form a primary system for intercellular self-defense. They refer to a group of proteins that are induced by heat and other external stimuli. The most important types of this group refer to the...
Pages: 8 (2000 words) , Literature review , Biology
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Synaptic Plasticity and Learning
Whether the emotion persists erasing the information stored in the brain is to be clearly analysed. Amygdala, the part of the brain that concentrates on emotional level activities needs to be concentrated in the future research programmes. Attempting to understand dreams and the neuronal changes...
Pages: 30 (7500 words) , Dissertation
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Structural Brain Variation and General Intelligence
 A meta-analysis of 20 neuroimaging studies of cognition showed the involvement of frontal cortical neurophysiology in high intelligence (Duncan and Owen, 2000). The activations were all in the bilateral inferior pre-frontal cortex. The cells in the pre-frontal cortex have the ability to be activated by...
Pages: 8 (2000 words) , Case Study , Science
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Comparison between the Plant and Animal Cell
Animals and plants are made up of long protein and polysaccharide chains and the ribosomes are the ones that are responsible for the joining of the proteins from the amino acids. It is important to note that the ribosomes get the information they use from...
Pages: 6 (1500 words) , Essay , Biology
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World of Biology
Amino acids are the basic structural building units of proteins. They form short polymer chains called peptides or polypeptides which in turn form structures called proteins. Twenty amino acids are encoded by the standard genetic code and are called proteinogenic or standard amino acids. The...
Pages: 6 (1500 words) , Assignment , Biology
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Immunity and Eradication of Diseases Using Vaccines
The vaccines used to produce active immunity can be thus classified into live vaccines, killed vaccines, and sub-unit vaccines. Live organisms are mainly used for immunization against viral infections. Live vaccines are now available for the vaccination against measles, mumps, rubella, and chicken pox. Example...
Pages: 6 (1500 words) , Essay , Biology
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Optimizing of the conditions for the PCR detection of mTOR, in DNA derived from human cell lines, which are associated with aging and senescence
The mechanistic target of rapamycin is also referred to as the mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) or the FK506-binding protein 12-rapamycin-associated protein 1. This protein is encoded in the human body by the mTOR gene.(Brown et al.,1994; Moore et al.,1996) mTOR gene is a...
Pages: 15 (3750 words) , Research Paper , Health Sciences & Medicine
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Medical Microbiology
Mixtures of anaerobic Gram bacteria’s lead to female genital tract infections. The virulence factor of these microbes lies with the capsule. The most important STDs are gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Syphilis. It is more common for male. The reports say that 95% of the men are...
Pages: 28 (7000 words) , Assignment , Health Sciences & Medicine
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The Importance of the Endocrine System
 The Thyroid Gland is one of the largest endocrine glands in the body. It is a butterfly-shaped, vascular, two-inch gland that wraps around the front and sides of the trachea at the base of the throat, just below the larynx. It is divided into two...
Pages: 9 (2250 words) , Term Paper , Health Sciences & Medicine
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Pathogenic Microbes from the Environment in a Human Body
Bacteria isolated from vaginal swab 2 (V2) exhibited a positive gram reaction and was found to be cocci dividing into multiple planes. This is indicative of a Staphylococci (Kloos & Schleifer, 1975). Further, the irregular, curled, raised, medium and yellow colonies are suggestive of Staphylococcus...
Pages: 7 (1750 words) , Lab Report , Biology
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Explain the importance of the liver in detoxification/excretion and teh function of the immune, digestive, endocrine and cardiovascular systems and hence in hum
In simple terms the vascular function includes being a major blood reservoir, filtering over a liter of blood every minute. The liver effectively removes bacteria, endotoxins, antibody complexes and various other particles from the circulation.The liver is one of the most vital organs in the...
Pages: 8 (2000 words) , Essay
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The Role of Carbohydrate/Electrolyte Beverages on Resistance Training
Moreover, the consumption of carbohydrate supplement posts resistance training exercise leads to re-synthesis of muscle glycogen and this may permit increased capacity of training by the athletes. Recent studies and researches have explained that athletes can be counseled to take carbohydrate supplements such as beverages...
Pages: 9 (2250 words) , Coursework , Sports & Recreation
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Biotechnology techniques
Short Answers (Approximately 3 pages Why do you first denature a plasmid DNA template or a PCR product being used for sequencing? (10 points) The plasmid DNA is denatured to convert the double stranded DNA molecule into single stranded DNA. This single stranded DNA molecule acts as...
Pages: 6 (1500 words) , Assignment , Biology
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Molecular Neurodegeneration: Disease Pathways
 It’s a fact that Alzheimer’s disease leads to dementia, causing disabilities and consequently death. Doing a diagnosis of the brain pathology while carefully studying the deposits of the b-amyloid peptide in plaques and intracellular aggregates involving the microtubule-associated protein, known as tau, in neurofibrillary attachments...
Pages: 8 (2000 words) , Essay , Health Sciences & Medicine
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The role of the intestinal microbiota in health and disease
THE ROLE OF THE INTESTINAL MICROBIOTA IN HEALTH AND DISEASE Academic Degree and al Affiliation of Department and Institution Correspondent Author for the Document Abstract The aim of conducting this study is to establish the complex roles of intestinal microbiota in health and disease. It begins by...
Pages: 8 (2000 words) , Essay , Health Sciences & Medicine
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Functions, Food Sources, Deficiency and Excess Effects of Vitamin A
There are two sources of vitamin A which define each form of vitamin A. In this regard, the first form of vitamin A is from animal-derived foods, while the second form is from plant-derived foods. Whitney et al. noted, “The richest sources of retinoids are...
Pages: 9 (2250 words) , Research Paper , Biology
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The Effective Methods of Manipulating Proteins
One example of a unique protein in nature is the antibody, which has an incredibly diverse range of binding methodologies, enabling it to bind many different chemical target molecules (Stewart 2010).  The chemical complexity of the antibody is a result of millions of years of...
Pages: 8 (2000 words) , Research Paper , Biology
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The Positive and Negative Impacts of Glutamine Supplementation
Various studies were carried out to test the benefits of glutamine supplementation in athletes in improving sports performance. Effects on glycogen storage were studied, that whether glutamine has a role in increasing muscle glycogen storage. Effects on muscle growth and sports performance were evaluated. Plasma...
Pages: 30 (7500 words) , Dissertation , Health Sciences & Medicine
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A Dramatic Increase in the Prevalence of Degenerative Illnesses
The folding of the protein to form a native conformity occurs spontaneously before or after its biosynthesis. It, however, starts with a co-translational process whereby the N-Terminus is folded first while the C-terminus is still undergoing synthesis in the ribosome. This process depends on the...
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Cancer Cells
299-300). For humans, mitosis takes place in 1016 magnitude. For smaller organisms such as mice, cells divide at 1012 times per lifetime (Gilbert, 2003, p. 143). Many cells, however, undergo cell death even before the organism dies, so that the resulting developed organism can have...
Pages: 10 (2500 words) , Research Paper
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Aspect of the Cryopreservation Technique
The ability to cryogenically preserve tissues, cells and even whole organs is a very important aspect of the cryopreservation technique. Until recently, the cryopreservation of organs has seemed a remote prospect to most observers, although the developments over recent years are rapidly changing the basis...
Pages: 12 (3000 words) , Lab Report , Biology
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Chronic fatigue syndrome, dietary and lifestyle changes for improvement of health
While physical metabolism may be functioning properly, it can be assumed that low energy is caused more by stress and anxiety, tension and depression. The alternative is that it is a metabolic dysfunction, particularly in reference to faulty mitochondria oxidation of glucose to water and...
Pages: 6 (1500 words) , Essay , Environmental Studies
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E.Coli a Lethal Emerging Pathogen
              Some people who suffer from bloody diarrhea caused by E. coli O157 can also suffer from a syndrome known as hemolytic-uremic syndrome. This syndrome occurs because of the entrance of the exotoxin known as verotoxin into the bloodstream. In this syndrome, the patient suffers...
Pages: 15 (3750 words) , Term Paper , Biology
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A web base learning curriculum on the risks of using performance enhancing supplements and steroids
Currently, Europe and America has the biggest and developing markets of performance enhancing substances; in fact, they supply the different supplements to athletes around the globe, especially from countries that prohibit their use (Scott 2008). Some of the suppliers and manufacturers market their products as...
Pages: 10 (2500 words) , Thesis Proposal , Education
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The Issues Surrounding the Elimination of Cytotoxic Senile Plaques in Alzheimer's Disease Using Stem Cell Therapy
In summary, then, Alzheimer's disease, the cause of one of the most common types of dementia, is a brain disorder affecting the elderly and is characterized by the formation of two main protein aggregates: senile plaques and neurofibrillary tangles, which are involved in the process...
Pages: 15 (3750 words) , Term Paper , Health Sciences & Medicine
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Microbial Growth on Differential and Selective Media
The growth of bacteria in a laboratory is dependent on the adequate supply of nutrients which are sufficient for the growth of micro-organisms. This is achieved by using selective and differential media which would encourage the growth of the required bacteria while suppressing the growth...
Pages: 18 (4500 words) , Term Paper , Biology
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Modern Methods of Treating Breast Cancer
Among all types of cancer, breast cancer is currently a major health concern in the United States alone, as it is the highest cause of death in women between the ages 20 and 59, having been responsible for 32 percent of all new cancer cases...
Pages: 19 (4750 words) , Coursework , Health Sciences & Medicine
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The Optimum Cultivation and Establishment Methods for Growing Oilseed Rape In a Various Soil Conditions within the UK
This paper illustrates that the oilseed rape is not only popular in the U.K. as U.K. is not even one of the highest producers of the plant in the world. Currently, the European Union, Canada, India, China, and France have all produced oilseed rape in...
Pages: 21 (5250 words) , Literature review , Agriculture
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The Result of the Anti-Angiogenic Clinical Trial
Most of the anti-angiostatic drugs are still under the clinical trials and that is because of the condition of the trial itself and that include the safety, side effects, proper dosage and the best way to give the drug pill or injection. Apart from this...
Pages: 20 (5000 words) , Research Paper , Health Sciences & Medicine
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The most prevalent protease inhibitor in serum is alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT, also called alpha-1 proteinase inhibitor). This natural protease inhibitor regulates the activity of neutrophil elastase that hydrolyzes elastin in the lungs. Individuals with congenital AAT deficiency have a protease-antiprotease imbalance in their lungs, which...
Pages: 12 (3000 words) , Dissertation
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Gene Regulation in Eukaryotes
These modifications may include the addition of a methyl group or an acetyl group. Post-transcriptional modifications may also include intron removal, 5’-capping, and polyadenylation.Capping at the 5’ end is a post-translational modification that is connected with nearly all eukaryotes cellular gene expression. What is its...
Pages: 10 (2500 words) , Dissertation , Biology
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In Vitro Activities of Synthetic Host Defense Propeptides Processed by Neutrophil Elastase
Cystic fibrosis is a lethal hereditary disease which affects the liver, pancreas and intestinal tract. Mortality and morbidity from the disease occur in lung disease. Early years of the disease are presented with the production of thick mucus and chronic airways infection which may lead...
Pages: 7 (1750 words) , Research Paper , Biology
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The Effects of Oxaliplatin Genotoxicity on Human Lymphocytes
It has been amply indicated that the primary mechanism of cell death induced by platinum compounds is through the formation of DNA adducts (Almeida et a.l, 2005; Hah et al., 2007; Boysen et al., 2009). These DNA adducts are comprised of intrastrand and interstrand crosslinks...
Pages: 15 (3750 words) , Research Paper , Medical science
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Protoplasm and Cell Membrane
The researcher states that the basic cellular structural components are similar in all cell types. Cells are bounded by a plasma membrane (cell membrane) and contain the fluid called protoplasm. The protoplasm is divided into the clear cytoplasm and the central nucleus. The protoplasm is...
Pages: 20 (5000 words) , Term Paper , Biology
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Advances in Industrial Biotechnology
Biotechnology is defined by the UN Convention on Biological Diversity to be “any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives thereof, to make or modify products or processes for specific use”. This definition is by far the broadest given for biotechnology. Traditional...
Pages: 8 (2000 words) , Term Paper , Biology
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Cultivated and Uncultivated Marine Microorganism
This research tells that every living cell needs to synthesize energy to carry out cell functions. They store energy in form of ATP molecules. The ATP synthesis and successful growth of microorganisms require water, mineral elements, nitrogen, phosphorus, growth factors, and gases such as oxygen,...
Pages: 14 (3500 words) , Assignment , Biology
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Fine Chemical Production
According to Polat, Aksu and Pekel (2002, p.46), the catalytic route not only minimizes the problem of effluent disposal in the production of p-aminophenol but is also widely known to reduce the overall economics of the process as well as improve the quality of the...
Pages: 10 (2500 words) , Essay , Chemistry
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Activities of Synthetic Host Defense Propeptides Processed by Neutrophil Elastase against Cystic Fibrosis Pathogens
A group of peptides termed as antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) has been known to act against bacteria and other susceptible organisms. The basic characteristic of most AMPs is the topological form in which the groups of cationic and hydrophobic amino acids are organized in distinct surface...
Pages: 6 (1500 words) , Book Report/Review , Biology
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Synthesis of ABO antigens
Synthesis of ABO antigens: The antigen specificity of an individual develops during 5-6 weeks of the embryonic life when ABO antigen can be detected on the surface of the red cells. Watkins (1980) and Kobata et al [1970] clarified the enzymatic basis for the synthesis...
Pages: 10 (2500 words) , Term Paper , Health Sciences & Medicine
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Cell cycle
Therefore at the start, all the cells are approximately the same in size thus assumed they are in the same stage of cell cycle. Aim To determine the timing of the different stages of cell cycle of Schizosaccharomyces pombe, this is fission yeast. Objectives 1. To determine the...
Pages: 6 (1500 words) , Lab Report , Health Sciences & Medicine
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Organic Chemistry: New methods for synthesizing peptides
In 1953, a graduate student named Stanley Miller from University of Chicago working under the supervision of Harold Urey carried out The Miller-Urey experiment that stimulated the early earths atmosphere. The experiment was conducted based on Alexander Oparin and John Haldanes hypothesis (Miller 1953).The major...
Pages: 18 (4500 words) , Dissertation , Chemistry
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Outline the contribution of mitochondria to the cellular energy budget. Comment on the ethical implications of mitochondrial DNA analysis
The energy pathway to be applied by a cell depends on the type of cell. In eukaryotic cells, there are three main processes employed in the transformation of energy present in chemical bonds into usable forms of energy. The first of these processes is glycolysis,...
Pages: 8 (2000 words) , Essay , Biology
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Glucosinolate rich foods: do they protect against the development of colorectal cancer A systematic review
The purpose is to identify whether glucosinolate rich foods protect against the development of colorectal cancer. It is known that a balanced and mixed diet, favouring fibre, fruits and vegetables, reduce the risk of developing cancer but studies specifically focusing on the prevention on colorectal...
Pages: 27 (6750 words) , Essay , Biology
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Usage of Antibiotics to Treat the Bacteria
The main impetus for altering the nucleus has been to overcome resistance. Antibiotics are conveniently classified, quite unjustifiably, into generations; in almost every case a new generation is introduced to overcome resistance to the previous generation. The basic nucleus is re-evaluated to add a functional...
Pages: 7 (1750 words) , Essay , Health Sciences & Medicine
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Industrial and biotechnology
According to Steve Burrill, President and CEO of Burrill & Co at BIO said with his trade mark optimism that “those in the industry were fortunate to be alive at this time, when all current world problems -- climate change, sustainability, energy security, food production...
Pages: 8 (2000 words) , Essay
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Case Study On Evaluation Of Intake Of Doping Agents In Sports
Detailed examination of Kylie revealed that she had baldness and features of masculinization like the growth of hair on chin and chest and hoarseness of voice. Kylie managed to cover these changes by waxing her hair and telling everyone that she has a vocal cord...
Pages: 6 (1500 words) , Case Study , Health Sciences & Medicine
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Analysis MYB26 gene and male sterile and Anther dehiesence
In fact the first plant genomes sequenced were of A. thaliana in the year 2000 where 115.4 mega bases of the 125mb genome were sequenced (“Analysis of the genome sequence of the flowering plant Arabidopsis thaliana”, 2000). Such information provides the basis of understanding molecular...
Pages: 15 (3750 words) , Literature review
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