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Probation Essay Examples

The Probation System of Georgia
The Probation System of Georgia The Probation System of Georgia Currently in the of Georgia, the Georgia Department of Corrections Probation Operations Units is charged with the responsibility of the supervision of all the convicted adult felons. Well over seventy-six percent of these convicted felons...
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Hawaii changes probation programs to save million
He is given an emergency number which he can call every morning for the color tests before reporting to the court at 2 pm. The tests are done for six times every month and upon succeeding, the frequent tests are reduced and he will be...
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Probation Service and Criminal Justice System
The studies show that that the ethnic group offenders like black, Asians suffer social disadvantage in relation to employment, income, education and training and substantial social exclusions. They are disadvantaged than white offenders on probation. Black and Asian people, in general, are known to experience...
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Connection Between Abolishing Parole and an Increase in Sentences of Probation
Parole is a process of allowing the criminal to interact with society for a limited period decided by the jail authorities. After that period is over the criminals on parole must return to jail. Probation, on the other hand, is a conditional suspension of sentence....
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The Role of Pay v Lancashire Probation Service and X v Y Cases in Employment Jurisprudence
The employee was dismissed and his dismissal was upheld when he appealed. The probation service had the responsibility to the public to show them that it had integrity and so did its officers and that if the public knew the activities that this particular employee...
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The Impact of Corrections on Re-Offending
This research tells that firstly, probation officers can influence by addressing the emotional needs of the offenders. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, offenders with little emotional control are likely to commit crimes frequently. The probation officers can help the offenders to regain their...
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The Criminal Justice System: the Corrective Measures
Criminals may become well accustomed to prison life after some time. The initial fear of prison life may not be there for a criminal when he enters the prison for a second or third time. The stories of prison life spread outside may not be...
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It has also been found that more than 8 out of 10 sentenced women have been punished for non-violent offences. The majority of the female prisoners are having young kids, and most of them are the victims of grave crime, including rape, domestic violence, and...
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Analysis of the Statement - Private Life Should Mean What It Says
Ms Wyham to whom the matter was referred to, commented that the important issue is “whether or not as a public servant, and as a member of a criminal justice organisation working with sex offenders and other vulnerable groups, Mr Pays activities in his private...
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Corrections policy paper
The policy was established with the purpose of giving smarter alternatives to the incarnation that would lower the costs used but still hold the offenders accountable for their crimes. The policy has over the last years resulted in the expansion of...
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Understanding the French and American Legal System
 Another problem with the jury system is that they never get to hear all the pieces of evidence as legal technicalities may prevent them from doing so. A jury watches a performance and has to make a judgment of the guilt or innocence of the...
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Compare and contrast community and custodial punishments and their effectiveness in improving desistance
What are Community and Custodial Punishments? Custodial punishment refers to imprisonment of the convicted person. A person is sent to prison when the court feels the general public needs to be protected from the offender’s dangerous attitude. Section 152(2) of Criminal Justice Act 2003 states...
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Incarceration and Alternatives of the Correction System
In the late 1700s, John Howard introduced a humanitarian approach to the corrections. He was part of the enlightenment change initiators who advocated for better ways of punishing wrongdoers. He introduced the idea of government providing sanitary and separate conditions, and healthy food and water....
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The Use of Punishment as a Way to Maintain Societal Order
The use of punishment as a way to maintain societal order has several underlying theoretical justifications. The theories of punishment are generally divided into the utilitarian theory and the retributive theories of justice. Whereas the retributive theory mainly aims to punish an offender because they...
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Community Correction Facilities
The aftermath of such a crime would create secondary effects in the community, such as a decrease in the value of the property. The insurance companies would increase premium amounts, and people would have to pay taxes to support the criminal justice system. Crime affects...
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Developing Successful Reentry Programs
The bible study program transforms the lives of the inmates. The program also helps the criminals and their communities greatly (MacKenzie & Hickman, 2006). Nonetheless, there is a need to upgrade or make specific changes to the program. For instance, there is a need to...
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Criminal Law and Procedure
After arrest, the police will present the grounds under which they made the arrest to the prosecutor to determine whether they are reasonable grounds for the accused to answer criminal charges that have been levelled against him/her. If the evidence is sufficient, then the prosecutor...
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Development of Criminal Justice Policy in the Twentieth Century
Throughout the twentieth century, there was a significant increase in criminal justice research, which prompted the development of criminal justice policy in western nations. This occurred particularly in the years after the Second World War when many nations were focusing on constructing and sustaining a...
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The Best Rehabilitative Practice
In understanding the best rehabilitative practice, it is important to highlight the variability of characteristics and the criminogenic needs among offenders. For instance, in England and Wales, it shows that men are more likely to re-offend as compared to women. It is also observed that...
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Cultural Diversity in the USA
Criminal systems often finds ease in sentencing blacks to more jail time mainly due to their history of constant criminal offences, discrimination and dominance of whites within the law enforcement agencies. Consequently, it remains apparent that blacks face more prison sentences amongst the minority groups...
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Effective Care for Prisoners Addicts
This paper takes a look at two of these projects: home confinement and drug medication. It tries to answer those inquiries most often raised about the projects, the advances that help them, and the issues that encompass them, so policymakers can gage how best to...
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Should we continue to incarcerate non-violent drug offenders
The disproportion of prison sentences has also cast shadows on the mandatory minimal policy in the US. Statistics show that the majority of those sentenced are from the African American and Hispanic descendent, this disparity is due to the sentence accorded to crack and powdered...
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History and Development of Community Based-Corrections
The accused were delivered to church authorities for punishment as they avoided secular courts. Judicial reprieve: this started in 1700s and used in cases where the judges did not feel incarceration was appropriate and would yield the expected benefit (Hanser, 2013). Therefore, it suspended sentences of...
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Competencies and Characteristics Required of a Criminal Justice Leader
The leadership sets being considered for this part of the paper is the correction and specifically, Probation and Parole Facilities. The Probation and Parole Facilities are central parts of the criminal justice system as the Florida Department of Corrections (2011) notes that a facility is...
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Gender, Youth Transitions and Crime
While it is true that there are far fewer female offenders than males, recent data indicates that the number of young female offenders practically doubled between the years 1993 and 2002. There is yet a common denominator, one that is consistently connected to both genders....
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Criminal Justice Process
The courts should also be able to define terms which are easily understandable, as their use in different clauses of laws will have different meanings (Earl, Robert & Araten, 1989).The courts enjoy the privilege to invalidate unconstitutional laws. These unconstitutional laws are laws that are...
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Sex Offender Treatment Programme
It is, therefore, necessary to discuss the outcomes in the terms of assuming the images were level 1 and 2 images as a community sentence would not be appropriate if the level of the images was higher than this.In the case of Rumbold v General...
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Are Courts Prepared to Exclude Evidence Obtained during The Course of Police Interviews
Section 76 of PACE regulates how confessions are to be dealt with in a criminal investigation and subsequently, the trial. Section 76 (2) states that if in a trial the prosecution in any way tries to bring forth evidence that has been taken from a...
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Critically discuss different approaches to justifying punishment. Illustrate your answer with reference to different sentences available to the courts
Observation and gaze form essential elements of power. Foucoult relates the development of the norm with the three processes as well as the human sciences. Bentham’s Panopticon is a building that illustrates how to supervise and control individuals efficiently, and can exemplify disciplinary power. Institutions founded...
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Labor Relations, Training, Diversity Practices in Apple Incorporation
Interested candidates are required to go through the hiring process which analysis their eligibility on the basis of their qualification and interview. All the candidates are evaluated to assess their capabilities. Selected candidates are trained during their probation period after which they are welcomed to...
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A Solution to Prison Overcrowding
In the US, jail and prison overcrowding had hit crisis and disaster percentages by the mid-1980s. Among the period of 1977 and 1985, the total development in federal and state prison inhabitants had increased by 68%; more than 10,000 state inmates were being imprisoned in...
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The Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Florida Department of RSAT of the State Prison Program
Prisoners taking part in the program included an adult male and female prisoners and juvenile males as well. The number of prisoners successfully finishing their treatment was 772. Definition of program effectiveness may depend on different steps taken, including relapse, behavioral transformation, skill creation, and...
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Trends and Recidivism Rates
The incarceration and reentry costs are high in different states from various viewpoints. The costs to the public can be viewed on the dimensions of the public safety. Almost two-thirds of the ex-convicts are likely to be arrested again after a period of not less...
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The Potential Influence of the Performance Evaluation System
Fred’s mistakes in the performance evaluation system were many. Fred compared himself to the eight other sales representatives in the district thinking that he was being scrutinized unfairly as the rest were not required to be on any such probation as he was required to...
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The Effect of Work Environment in Criminal Sphere
He conducted a series of experiments – popularly known as the Hawthorne Studies - at the Hawthorne factory of the Western Electric Company in Chicago. Changes in work setting such as improved lighting and better work conditions were carried out and their benefits studied. Surprisingly,...
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Pfizer Structural Implication
The operating structure of Pfizer initiates the steps in innovating and revitalizing the organizational structure of the company. It enhances different values of the company. The firm’s structural implications help to achieve greater independence, responsiveness and focus on the business. The organizational structure of Pfizer...
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Phase 4
Finally the need for strong relationships between departments is critical in the criminal justice field. B. The Court’s traditional role in dealing with this issue. The courts play a major role in bringing to book the active members of the very bad bike club, but there should...
Pages: 8 (2000 words) , Assignment , Social science
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Lack of Staff diversity in prisons
I report that job stress experiences variation by gender and a study reported having been conducted at three Midwestern prisons states finding that “no relationship between gender and job stress was found.” (Lambert, et al, 2007, p.18) A separate study conducted of correctional officers at...
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Excellence at Singapore Airline Industries
Once a cadet completes the AFT (ground studies), he/she posted to the Boeing 747, Boeing 777 or the Airbus 340-500 fleet. There, he /she receive undergoes a three-month training whereby endowment of a cadet pilots’ license with the aircraft type rating by CAAS happens. Next...
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Discuss issues related to the role of Corrections in the USA
First was to deliver appropriate consequences to a criminal person for doing undesired behavior. Second was to compel the criminal to give necessary compensation to society or victim for doing crime. Various punishments were applied to criminals so that they would not perform those crimes...
Pages: 12 (3000 words) , Research Paper , Law
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Restorative Justice for Juveniles
According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that if criminally-minded juveniles can be identified early, they can be convicted, and incarcerated for long periods, a significant reduction in crime would be realized. Most advocates of punitive reform have this perspective on the...
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Infectious Diseases in Corrections
The increased amount of substance abusers entering prisons contributed to the explosion of infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and hepatitis. Those who use some of the harder drugs such as heroin and amphetamines, the ones more likely to affect a physical dependence, often share...
Pages: 6 (1500 words) , Article , Health Sciences & Medicine
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Exam questions for risk management
The company is required to adjust according to the local currency product pricing to avoid the risk due to the competitive pressures in the market when there remarkable volatility in the exchange rates of the foreign currency. Managing risk Apple has decreased the...
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How Can Social Work Practice Address The Resettlement Needs of Black and Ethnic Minority Mothers Leaving Prison in the United Kingdom
It is difficult to find shelter to the prisoners along with the normal people when they released from prison. The criminal background will definitely haunt the ex-offenders and others may not accept them easily. The quality of the housing provided to the ex-offenders is poor...
Pages: 9 (2250 words) , Research Proposal , Social science
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Compensation Policy on Salary Structure, Benefits and Recognition
Employees under probation and contract employees will be excluded from the annual adjustment exercise. Only permanent employees who are active on the Company’s payroll at the time of payout shall be eligible. Confirmed employees who have less than one year of service with the Company...
Pages: 15 (3750 words) , Essay , Human Resources
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Hirshis Theory of Social Bond: Based on Case Study
Hirshi also holds that those youths involved in unconventional behaviours, such as smoking and drinking, were more delinquency prone. Looking at our case study, Wade admits to having been introduced to drugs at the age of 13 and this seems to have contributed to his...
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Treatment-Based Drug Courts Reduce Recidivism Rates
This method is the most suitable because they can be used to describe the efforts made by the respondents under investigation. The level of significance, and the adaptability, and can offer a chance to discover and recognize potential controlling variables. Sampling procedures used in this...
Pages: 10 (2500 words) , Annotated Bibliography , Social science
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What Causes Recidivism
The study also revealed that persons previously convicted of primarily of crimes of dishonesty were among the highest rates of recidivism.  For example, 70.2 per cent of those prisoners returned to prison or rearrested had been previously convicted or robbery, 74 per cent had been...
Pages: 9 (2250 words) , Literature review , Social science
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The Criminal Justice System in England
A comparative learn of two media forms such as newspapers is conducted by means of a simple systematic move toward. This approach occupied taking sections of the articles inside the newspaper and analyzing them on a variety of factors such as images, context, lexis, syntax,...
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Analysis of Employment Law Case of Ian and Alf
A unilateral reduction in the employee’s pay or increase in working hours would constitute unfair policy. To prove that the relationship had been damaged by the practices of the employer, the employee is required to show that the employer had caused a deliberate and serious...
Pages: 11 (2750 words) , Case Study , Law
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