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We Provide an Essay Outline Example That Gives Clarity to Your Writing

One of the biggest complaints of teachers and other instructors when it comes to essay writing is the apparent lack of structure thereof. Most students just dive in and start writing without giving the process too much thought. Staring at a blank page sometimes for hours on end can discourage you from writing. Most times your thoughts are far from coherent and are a jumbled up mess as you try to process information and think about the best way to cascade it. Any piece of writing that you embark on is meant to engage your reader in some sort of mental dialogue. To achieve this, there has to be a proper plan and a clear focus on what the end objective is. This means brainstorming on potential writing ideas, creating a working thesis, and creating an outline, which is important as it guides the rest of your writing.

An essay outline is important as it delineates the thought and writing process, and gives structure to your work. This is the entire map of your essay, showing the context, the thesis, where each body paragraph and main ideas lie, and how to tie all these together with transition statements. A well-developed essay outline will make the entire writing process fluid and ensure that you don’t get stuck with your writing.  If you are new to the process of creating outlines, an essay outline example from us will help you get your gears moving. Get access to topic outline example essays in literature, science, history, law, architecture, psychology and a whole host of other disciplines in high school and college.

Why Go for an Expert Essay Outline Sample?

Essays are dynamic, so while the structure may be retentive for most kinds of essays and research papers, the outline might change depending on the kind of assignment and how you want to cascade your message. The usual structure sequence is the title, introduction, main body paragraphs, and conclusion. However, your outline goes much deeper than this since you have to work on each section in a step-by-step fashion and provide summarized details for each part and paragraph. Unless you are an expert or have internalized the subject, your ideas may be all over the place in a jumbled mess. Writing an outline within the structure allows you to test different ideas and see where they are best placed to fit in your writing.

A college essay outline example from expert writers such as what we avail will help you develop your mind mapping skills and figure out the best way of presenting your information. When it comes to essay writing, the logic goes hand in hand with structure. It’s not enough to simply present information even if it is accurate. The presentation should flow concisely, and your writing should guide the reader through your thought process from the introduction all the way to the conclusion. Achieving this without an outline is quite difficult. To understand this concept, get a sample research essay outline from our experts.

Essay Outlines for Different Writing Genres

As we’ve mentioned before, outline interfaces with the overall structure of the essay. While the structure remains the same, the flow of your writing will change depending on the objective of your essay. Therefore, an argumentative essay and a descriptive essay will have quite different outlines. This is the main challenge which students writing essays run into. We’ll discuss the main essay genres and their probable outlines:

Argumentative essay outline example: An outline is more important for argumentative essays than most other essay genres. It requires a proper introduction to set the context for the issue, a strong thesis declaring your stance, arguments with their evidence and proof, counterarguments and the proof that they are not correct, and your final conclusion. Each section should also contain references since most of your evidence will come from outside sources. Typically, these essays need three to five arguments and should be backed by evidence, with each argument being refuted. Each body paragraph should be introduced by topic sentences which tie in the previous paragraph and the new argument being made.

A compare and contrast essay outline example shows the similarities and differences between two different subjects. For example, we can compare and contrast North Korea and South Korea. For such an essay an introduction placing the context and need of the comparison is necessary as a starter. You may choose issues which you’d like to compare or contrast thematically such as culture, demographics, politics, education, income, etc. You could decide to present both comparisons and contrasts under each theme heading which makes your work easier.

More Outlines for Different Essay Genres

Cause and effect essay outline sample: This essay requires you to demonstrate the causal relationship between the two subjects, for example, poverty and crime. A key part of your outline should be a properly delineated thesis which takes a stance on this relationship. For example, you could state that low incomes are directly responsible for the high crime rates in Tijuana. Your essay would, therefore, set out to prove this relationship. In this case, however, there will be a heavy reliance on citations and referenced sources, and these should clearly form part of your outline as you write.

Persuasive essay outline example: Much like an argumentative essay, persuasive essays requires one to take a stance on an issue and defend that stance with adequate evidence and referenceable facts such as statistics and anecdotes. Counterarguments may also be required depending on the instructions of your rubric. It is important for your arguments to flow, with each argument backed by fact. Thus, for your outline, you’d have a title, an introduction sentence with a thesis statement, main body paragraphs introduced by topic sentences, and summarized evidence properly cited and referenced to their proper sources by endnotes or footnotes.

Synthesis essay outline example: A synthesis essay requires you to back a thesis or a claim with views from multiple sources. For example, your thesis can state that “Russia’s approach to international diplomacy is pegged on its former ‘Great Power’ status as the Soviet Union.” In this case, you’d have your own thesis and supporting sources which should be well elucidated. The highlight of this kind of essay is proper referencing. You can tackle the main body paragraphs thematically, by the strength of the author or the source, or by specific topics. This lies within your discretion.

Descriptive essay outline examples: This essay requires you to describe a subject such as a place, person, object, memory or an event, providing sensory details. This is usually among the most clear-cut essay types as the description is quite straightforward.

We Provide an Essay Topic Outline That Meshes with Any Structure

For each of the genres that we have mentioned above, we provide essay outline samples which help you tackle development of the core parts of these essays. These are:

  • Title
  • Introduction, with context and background sentences, and a thesis.
  • Main body paragraphs with their topic sentences, arguments, evidence, sources and transition sentences.
  • Conclusion, with a summary of the main points and a brief rehash of the main points of the essay.

This is the typical essay structure which you should always adhere to, although the outline will entirely depend on how best you want to connect with your reader. An argumentative essay outline sample from us will help students tackle one of the most difficult essay genres. Likewise, a sample outline for compare and contrast essay will assist students who struggle with how to create essays effectively in this difficult essay genre.

Sample Research Essay Outline for More Advanced Writing

A college essay outline sample for research papers are more or less similar to these other described genres, only more detailed. Developing the outline properly will help you keep clear minded and ensure that you don’t miss any details for these long assignments. With a sample from us, you can see the entire process, from creating an outline, drafts, to the final revision.

In addition to actual samples, you can get an essay topic outline with samples of various topics in various disciplines if you still haven’t gotten around to a topic of your own.

Unlimited Access to Expert Essay Outline Samples

A proper essay outline will save you precious time and will also help you avoid going off tangent into trivial information that does little to advance your arguments. With a proper outline, you can easily fill in the blanks for your essay without having to reconstruct every single thought. With an outline and essay example from us, you will not only learn how to create this summary but also expand your ideas and employ consistency and flow with your transitions. With our sample essay outline APA format, you can view how to add references and citations to your outline even before you begin the actual writing, making the final work a breeze.

By the time you get to the actual writing your final draft with a proper or professional outline, any flaws in your thought process and arguments should have been ironed out. This is the most important application of an essay outline. So what are you waiting for? Get an essay outline sample from the experts today!

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