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What Is GPA and How Is It Calculated?

Whether in high school, college, or pursuing a postgraduate program, the GPA is one of the most important figures to keep track of. The grade point average (GPA), is the number indicating how high or how well you have scored in your courses on average. With it, you are able to set standards and assess whether you are meeting expectations. Of course, it is possible to calculate these figures manually using a spreadsheet. However, this approach is prone to error and is quite complex. Don’t stress over it. You can easily keep track of your performance using our free and automated GPA calculator. Read on for more information on how to proceed.

Your academic performance is often used as an indicator of not only your work ethic but also your dedication to the learning process. Of course, this is not to say that you need a perfect GPA to get to college. There are many variables considered by colleges and employers. Your academic performance is just one very important factor.

Let us begin our discussion with a GPA definition. In this respect, a GPA is the number that indicates how high or how well you have scored in your course, calculated as an average. The student is scored using a figure that ranges between 1 and 4. This number is meant to function as an indicator of what you typically scored in all your classes for the entire semester or year, on average. It can go up or low in the course of your studies.

Whether your grading uses a numbering system, letter-grade system, or a percentage approach, each grade corresponds to a quality point, often between 0 and 4. An A, in this case, equals 4 or a multiple of four. The GPA is usually calculated in two decimal places.

Why Keep Track of the Grade Point Average?

We must warn that the process of calculating and keeping track of your GPA is a complicated one. So why do it? The most obvious reason is to maintain a high figure. The grade point average will be used by future colleges and employers as an indicator of your academic performance and work ethic. Please note that maintaining a high GPA is not always easy, especially if you start with a low figure at the beginning of your studies. However, if you keep calculating and managing your figures, rising from a temporary disappointment is possible.

Your GPA is important in various situations, including class rankings, college admissions, scholarships, and academic honors. For instance. Most colleges and universities rely on the GPA as an indicator of the applicant’s intellectual potential and academic performance. Students need to understand that the opening in good colleges are limited, while the applications abound. Using our tool to keep track of your GPA online improves your college admission prospects. This is in no way a suggestion that your grade point average is an indicator of your worth as a human being. In fact, it is not even an accurate measure of a student’s intelligence. Instructors and admissions officers know this and consider many factors in assessing applicants. It also helps to know that your GPA can change positively or negatively in the course of your education. By calculating and monitoring your GPA online, you can set goals and assess your performance.

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Who Can I Rely on to Calculate My GPA?

As previously noted, calculating your GPA is not as straightforward as it sounds. Of course, students can use the manual approach to compute and keep track of their GPA scores. However, this process is quite complex. You need to begin by locating the appropriate grading scale, before manually recording points for each grade. You will also need to determine the number of credits and conduct calculations for averages. As most students have come to realize, this manual approach is complicated, with much room for error.

Before you sit down to compute your GPA you should consider these important variables:

  • Your credit hours;
  • Quality points;
  • Quality point multipliers.

Here, credit hours are the number of hours assigned to a specific course and is often listed in the catalog of the school. Quality points, on the other hand, are the result you get when you multiply the letter grade with the earned quality credit hours. Lastly, quality point multipliers are the number of points assigned to every letter grade, often referred to as the credit points.

Those who are unable to complete these tasks on their own due to lack of skills or time have traditionally relied on the services of fellow students and online experts. In most cases, the calculations by fellow students are prone to error. At the same time, experts who claim to offer GPA calculations online charge exorbitant fees, mostly beyond the reach of most students. There are also others who pose as GPA experts but have no intention of offering any form of assistance.

The only way to keep track of your academic performance without hurting your pocket is by using our accurate and regularly updated free GPA calculator. With this option, you no longer have to worry about lengthy calculations or the likelihood of error.

Why Prefer This GPA Calculator Online?

Our easy GPA calculator is just what you need to keep track of your current grade point average. With this tool, you will be able to set and achieve grading goals. Over the years we have stayed true to our commitment to giving students a way to easily generate GPA calculations for any number of grading periods they prefer. Unlike most online tools that presently flood the internet, our calculator comes with a functionality that allows you to track your major grade point average, separately from your cumulative GPA.

The total GPA calculator also comes with an additional feature that informs users of how many credits you need at 4.00. With this tool, you are guaranteed fast, private, and accurate calculation. With all that happens in the academic environment, including complex assignments and extracurricular activities, keeping track of what counts can be challenging. This is particularly why you stand to benefit immensely from our online tool. With the student GPA calculator, you get to perform the following:

  • Calculate your grade point for each semester;
  • Compute your performance for a whole academic year;
  • Set goals by calculating the possible grade;
  • Keep track of your progress.

You get to do all this at no cost. When we say that our GPA calculating service is free, we mean exactly that. There is no signing up or service fee.

Calculating Your Grade Point Average Is Incredibly Simple

One of the main reasons why students prefer our tool is the simplicity of use. Our website has the most comfortable GPA to percentage calculator online. Users have the ability to add as many classes as they need. You also have the option of choosing between a simple 5-point scale or a 13-point one. You can get your calculations completed in these simple steps:

  • Enter your details (personal information is optional);
  • Pick the letter assigned to your course;
  • Indicate the number of credits;
  • Repeat the process of each course;
  • Add new semesters if needed.

In addition, as long as you add new indicators to the table, your semester and overall GPA will change without even having to click a key-button. Another reason why so many students prefer our tool is the convenience and appeal of the interface. On the website, you will easily locate all the information you need to calculate GPA online.

Use the Grade Tracking Workshee

On our website, you get the additional tool for tracking your grades for each of your courses. You can even include notes for each course. In most cases, students who don’t perform well in their courses fail to keep track of their grades. Most likely, students with good grades can tell you virtually every grade they obtained in each class. In other words, keeping track of your grades is a critical factor in improving your overall performance and GPA. With the right tool, this process should be quite simple.

Go Ahead! Compute Your GPA Here

Keeping track of your GPA is important if you are to maintain good grades. It could determine your chances of landing a job or getting entry into a good college. While you could manually calculate your grade point average, the process is quite complex and leaves room for error. The best way to guarantee fast and accurate calculation is by using our GPA conversion calculator. The process is safe and personalized, automatically recalculating every time you alter the variables. All this for free. Don’t hesitate —calculate your GPA here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any student use this cumulative GPA calculator?

Absolutely! There are no exceptions – whether you are a high school student, a graduate or already in college.

How to calculate GPA if my school uses a specific scale?

There are only a few schools that prefer to use proprietary GPA grading scales. In any case, the differences are negligible, so by using our calculator, you will get a very good approximation of your grade.

Is it a paid service?

No! Our help is 100% free for all users.

Is it accurate?

Yes! We have checked and double-checked the calculation algorithms and they work like a clock.

How long does it take to calculate my GPA?

As long as you need to specify your grades – the calculation is made instantly.
We believe that a big part of getting a good GPA is keeping a close eye on its changes and taking measures at an appropriate time. Our calculator will help you do just that!

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