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Essay Samples on Social science

New Ideas of Humanists Castiglione and Pico della Mirandola
In "Oration on the Dignity of Man," Mirandola focuses on human capacity and intellect. Moreover, Pico is one of the first thinkers to highlight the human capacity of "freedom" which makes his ideas and Castiglione’s ideas converge. By ‘freedom’ Pico means the ability of the...
Pages: 6 (1669 words) , Essay , Renaissance Humanism , Courtly Love
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Nature of Problems Faced By the Homeless
Homeless people face a number of problems. These people lack a secure shelter. Consequently, they lack privacy and security. They also suffer from ever-increasing violent crimes. The homeless also have to carry their belongings all the time because there is no secure place to keep...
Pages: 6 (1500 words) , Essay , Homeless Youth , Homeless Man
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Nuclear Family and Extended Family in Roger Jacks An Indian Story
Roger Jack is trying to convey that a family is not a pre-determined component of the society, and what is more important is to help children in understanding that “what the family provides for its members is more important than the way it is structured”...
Pages: 4 (1000 words) , Essay , Jack the Ripper , Jack Kerouacs
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Negative Effects of Tobacco Advertisements
Impacts of tobacco addiction include reduced financial capability as all the money is channeled towards obtaining drugs and getting high. It impacts negatively on the ability of one to make money and consequently results in poor finances. One even fails to buy decent clothing or...
Pages: 6 (1500 words) , Essay , Tobacco Advertising , Tobacco
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North African Governments
Due to the soaring trends in drug trafficking in the North African nations, i is important to address this topic in order to prevent it from going out of control. Crrently, vlumes of narcotics find their way into and out of North Africa and this...
Pages: 4 (1000 words) , Essay , Narcotics , Money Laundering
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No war in the modern world can possibly be just. Discuss
Today’s religions have deviated from seeking faith and purity, ad instead become entangled in activities geared towards promoting war. I the past, Cristians expressed reservations towards participating in military activities. Qite a negligible fraction of Christians today root for the commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill’....
Pages: 12 (3000 words) , Essay , Victoria
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No tipic
Since the events of 9-11 were supposedly undertaken by the people and hijackers who has had affiliations with the Muslims states or the religion in its own existence, i therefore became a direct inference to suspect Muslims. Aart from law making and law enforcing agencies,...
Pages: 7 (1750 words) , Essay , Sense and Sensibility , American Society
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Negative campaign ads in presidential elections
In 2012, acording to political analysts, mdia and even the public, pesidential campaigns have evolved into more of negative campaigns, wth negative ads maximally becoming part of those presidential campaigns. Tis fact was supported by Krupnikov and Easter (100), wo stated, “ver the past 30...
Pages: 6 (1500 words) , Essay , Presidential Power , Presidential Elections
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North Korea Juche ideology: culture/religion or propaganda
Juche is the official philosophy guiding policies and strategies of the North Korean government. Jche has taken root in North Korea since its inception and currently about 70% of the North Korean population are adherent followers of the philosophy2. Jche, aso known as Kimilsungism or...
Pages: 9 (2250 words) , Essay , Political Ideology , Political Ideologies
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Nozick is right and Rawls is wrong
Without indulging comprehensively into other sections of injustice system, Rwls clarifies injustice as a state of unfairness that is mainly attributed to when members of the society deviates from issues that necessitate rightful governing principles. Hwever to achieve justice, te two philosophers have...
Pages: 7 (1750 words) , Essay , Rawls Justice , John Rawls
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New Zealand Politics
Democracy entails fair and periodic elections. Te state’s next universal elections will be on 20th September 2014. Al the citizens and permanent residents of at least eighteen years old ought to register as voters though not obligatory for them to vote. Nvertheless, te voter turnout...
Pages: 6 (1500 words) , Essay , Voter Turnout , Franchise
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New Zealand Politics
In 1980s, te level of voter turnout in New Zealand experienced a slight upsurge and hit 86% (Boston, 2009, p However, i experienced sharp declines in the following decades with statistics showing that it was approximately 79% and 76% in 1990s and in 2000s respectively...
Pages: 8 (2000 words) , Essay , Voter Turnout , Political Participation
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Natural freedom vs moral freedom according to John Winthrop
John notes that obeying established laws or heeding to religious faith prevents the society from corruption and evil thus leading to a civilized society, wich is the ultimate goal of any freedom. Ideed, Jhn uses religion to define and justify civil liberty. Wile referring to...
Pages: 4 (1000 words) , Essay , Federalists , Federalist Papers
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Not yet confirmed. Something with politics or international law, but an easy one
Social media networks can be defined as the online utilities and tools that facilitate communication, cllaboration and participation in information generation through the digital mediums. 1ocial media is an extended part of media which uses the information communication technologies to communicate and collect information through...
Pages: 12 (3000 words) , Essay , Protest Movement
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Niger Delta insurgency and its aftermath
The militancy used by the federal government led to the rise of Islamic radical youth, Bko Haram that sought to create a strict Islamic state in the north that would address the sufferings and ills propagated by the militancy in Niger Delta (Afinotan & Ojakorotu...
Pages: 6 (1500 words) , Essay , Nigeria
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National Government
The report gave strong recommendations to enhance the economy. Tese included restructuring pricing and doing away with obsolete legislations that resulted in inefficiency. Tese policies helped develop and strengthen the banking, tansportation, tlecommunications and insurance sectors (Porter, 10). I 1789, Gorge Washingtons farewell speech had...
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Nagorno - Karabakh Frozen Conflict : Azerbaijani's dream to return
Estimating the possibilities of war at any particular time entails, cnsequently, a assessment of the effect of present alterations in the complicated relationships all through the world. Acording to Roberts (546), te Peace that is regarded negative occurs when violence is non-existent. Fr instance, ater...
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North Miami Council Meeting
The questions that the officials put more emphasis and discussed are the certification and of the results that were returned during the runoff election process. Pursue of this was retrieved from the previous meeting that was held at the same venue. As a council, tey...
Pages: 5 (1250 words) , Essay , Pledge of Allegiance , North Korea
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Nuclear Terrorism Cons & Risks - United States
The report noted that the close location to population centers makes those centers prime candidates for strategic nuclear targeting or conventional bombing. Crrently, nclear proliferation is another pressing threat. Mostly those countries that have differences with the US and its allies are likely to acquire...
Pages: 4 (1000 words) , Essay , Nuclear Proliferation , Nuclear Weapons
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Nuclear Terrorism - US
Nuclear terrorism threatens not only the global security and stability, bt also the global economic systems. I terrorists carry out an attack on a major US city using a ten-kiloton explosive, i may result to the killing of hundreds of thousands of people and leave...
Pages: 4 (1000 words) , Essay , Nuclear Proliferation , Nuclear Power
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