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Politics Essay

The Impact of the High Levels of Corruption on the States
The profession of police has become somewhat very common with the terms that we know as corruption and bad practices. This is indeed a very negative thing that has happened to the law enforcement agencies and the reasons for the same are aplenty. The reason for the increasing corruption within the ranks of the police officers is manifolds 
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Globalization, Diversity and Relation with World Politics
Supports in the development of the telecommunications not only on a regional scale but throughout the world, thus providing help to the west more than anything else. With the help of globalization, the legal stance is one that focuses more on the increase in the number of different standards worldwide, which in all essence must be made use of 
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Evaluatinon Foucaults Approaches
The problems appeared within the society are related to the decisions of governments under the influence of specific financial and political interests. Foucault’s approaches when describing the problems of people in modern society could be characterized as quite descriptive; metaphors are also often used in order to present a specific condition
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The Hegemony of the United Sates
"When we are successful—and we will be—we have a real chance at this new world order, an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the U.” This speech of the President conveys a message not only for the American citizens but also for the entire world 
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Analysis of White's The Ring of Time and George Orwell's A Hanging
The prisoner’s crime is never mentioned in the essay. It universalizes the prisoner; it shows how it doesn’t really matter what he’s done. It doesn’t change the fact that he should not be executed. It adds to the indifference of the guards. It wouldn’t have really mattered to the guards in any way; he was a prisoner sentenced to death 
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Courage to Save the Earth
Fuelwood collection is not the major cause of deforestation, but development is the major cause. Government-sponsored development has forced farmers to switch to cash crops as a way of being part of the global economy. This, in addition to depleting already scarce natural resources, increases hunger and poverty.
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Saudi Arabia and US Relationship pre and post 9/11
All the factors which play a significant role in the dynamics of the Saudi-US relation, religion plays a decisive role in the decision-making of KSA. Being the land which holds the honor of being the home country of the Holy places of Islam, KSA has a huge responsibility of maintaining an upright and independent position in the Muslim world 
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The State of the Nuclear Power in the Modern World
The statistics of the world show that out of the 188 countries, nuclear proliferation is available to five. However, other three countries like Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan have the weaponry, which is in the possession of the Commonwealth. The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty states that proliferation of the nuclear weaponry is to be stopped 
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The Differentiation Between Want and Need in the Argument of Hobbes
Hobbes enumerated in his book the rights of the Commonwealth if it were created. Leviathan becomes in a manner of saying the continuation of Machiavelli and more defined provisions for a modern and plausible state. He established the principles to be enforced for the realization of a sovereign Commonwealth.
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The Legal History and Significant Case Law of Resolution
Refah Partisi (Welfare Party) was an Islamic fundamentalist party that advocated the introduction of sharia law. The governing party deemed that platform to violate the Turkish constitution enshrining a secular state, and used that as a pretext to ban the party. 
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Who Manipulates the Operations and Activities of the United Nations
The establishment of NATO happened without any comprehensive consultation with the UN. The NATO came as a desire of the western powers to undermine powers of the Soviet Union. The treaty, which formed NATO defeats the purpose of collective security provided in the UN charter. The United States supported the UN as long as it supported its interests.
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Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the Country: According to International Definitions
According to statistics, ‘513,000 immigrants came into the country in the year 2002 up from that of 265,000 individuals in the year 1993,’. This has been further spurned into public attention in a manner that it has continued to create tensions through the negative reporting of the media especially with increased requests for asylum in the early ’90s
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The Changes in the Arab World as a Result of the Revolutions
Prior to the Arab Spring in Egypt, the regime of Hosni Mubarak was one that had lasted for nearly 30 years. Accordingly, the power structure within Egypt at the time that the Arab Spring took place was one in which one individual and his security forces directed nearly every action that the state took.
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The Security Dilemmas of Ethnic Conflict on Major International Relations Theories
Hence, according to Brown (1993), it is not always true that the larger the diversity of ethnic groups the more serious the ethnic conflicts. Ethnic conflict denotes a violent struggle between rival ethnic groups in a country. Due to the fact that there are no rigid, impartial measures for establishing what comprises an ethnic group.
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The Conflicting Nature of the Relationship of Bureaucracy and Democracy
The need for bureaucracy at the societal level cannot be understated. Bureaucracy is virtually indispensable in the quest to realize social order and proper governance in any democratic culture. Democracy in government can only be realized if transparency and oversight exist. This means that bureaucracy will be at an unreasonable level. 
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The Consequences of Forced State Failure in Iraq
ISIS, being an Islamic allied group that wants all Muslims under one caliphate disregards other cultures that do not hold Islamic values such as the Western cultures as well as other religious groups globally. Religious fanaticism is a major attribute of ISIS that makes every member of the group eager to kill anyone.
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The World Trade Organization Controversy
WTO is a global body tasked with the role of enhancing trade on the international front. It works to reduce barriers to trade while ensuring that countries worldwide reap the most benefits from commerce. However, the WTO has historically received a backlash from both developed and developing countries.
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Canadian Federal Campaigns of 2011
The Conservative Party of Canada recorded great success in 2011 by winning the election and gaining a significantly large number of seats. This was history repeating itself after the duration of 23 years and this makes the 2011 federal elections to have a great importance in the Conservative Party.
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Vladimir Putins Leadership Style
By definition, leadership can be defined as the practice of influencing other people towards the achievement of individual pre-described objectives. Similarly, leadership style is the method adopted by the leader to perform the roles as well as the responsibilities of the management process.
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Americas New Expansionist Interest
In the turn of the 19th century, the United States embarked on a mission to expand westwards into foreign territories including the North American Continent. This historical move was initially set out with good motives and many perceived it to be a means of spreading the American systems into other states.
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Best Political Essay Topics

The world of politics is unpredictable and unstable. While some nations live in peace with each other, others have conflicts and wars. From presidential elections to the key responsibilities of the prime minister, students have a wide variety of political issue essay topics to cover in their homework projects. Our team of professional writers and editors are ready to help with your tasks no matter how difficult they are!

The process of topic selection may take from several minutes to several hours. Quick decisions are not always the best ones unless you’re sure in your skills and competence by 100%. The discipline itself is rather challenging and contradictory. When it comes to politics, there is usually no single correct position. So many people, so many opinions - that is the basic principle you should understand while picking the ideas to discuss. That is why you may need our professional help with academic assignments on political science.

The primary goal of this post is to explain how our writing team can assist college and university students with picking engaging political essay topics to impress their teachers and score high.

Select the Best Political Science Essay Topics

Students should not underestimate the role of the topic selection process. Of course, writing the body of your paper is the predetermining factor when it comes to grading, but a bad title or thesis statement can ruin everything. Luckily, our writers can help with both: picking a topic and writing a custom paper.

You should not be in a tearing rush if you wish to choose the great theme for discussion. Some students think that research is required only to collect in-text citation and facts during the writing process. However, preliminary research is essential to analyze all possible political science essay topics and pick the best one. That is what we do in order to offer the most interesting topic for your essay.

Here what we do to select the right topic for you. While surfing the web searching for the good title, our writers put down all possible ideas on a separate piece of paper to decide which topic can be supported with most of the evidence. Every writer from our team must be sure that it is possible to prove the main argument, thesis statement, using facts and statistics from credible sources.

To come up with a nice subject for your research, our writers use the most effective approaches to organizing the content and dedicate enough time to research as it’s impossible to come up with a good research question in a few minutes.

We have some professional political essay examples available for free if you wish to make sure that we compose excellent papers. Below, you can find some of the topics that our writers can handle for you.

List of Political Essay Examples Shared by Our Experts

If you need a compare and contrast paper, our writer will find differences and similarities between various subjects, people, or events. Here are some of the great comparative politics essay topics:

  • Systems theory and structural functionalism
  • The US government VS the UK government
  • Political development & modernization
  • Civil wars in different countries of the world
  • Electoral methods in comparative perspective

We can also help with a persuasive paper. Our writer will prove his or her position regarding the specific issue to the target audience. So, it is not enough just to state personal position in this type of assignment, and that what makes a persuasive paper different from an argumentative one. These are some of the political persuasive essay topics that we can help with:

  • Reasons to support Islamic economics
  • The United Kingdom is a surveillance society according to its laws & regulations
  • The US should be responsible for using even biological weapons
  • Torture as. A useful interrogation method
  • The US acts like the World’s police force, and they should stop it

Those could be good political argumentative essay topics as well.

While most of the academic classes are somehow interrelated, some of them are more interconnected with each other. Philosophy and politics always used to go hand in hand with each other. Since Ancient Greece, these two sciences have plenty in common. That is why these political philosophy essay topics offered by our writers might be relevant for both classes:

  • The definition and interpretation of the dual federalism
  • Houston zoning
  • Confucius’ social & political philosophy
  • The impact of philosophy on the politics of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome
  • The significance of the Modern Era of political philosophy

Our writers are experts in any field of study, so they can easily show the correlation between political science and philosophy.

For example, other two interrelated subjects are political science and economy (both macro- and microeconomics). As for some good political economy essay topics, we can write great papers on issues like shadow banking, benefits of retirement, Wall Street regulation, problems with deficit, inflation, progressive taxation, internal/external debts, financial market diversity, influence of stereotyping, marketing development, dynamics in employment, ways to prevent unemployment, post-conflict areas, etc. 

We can do more than just selecting topics for you. If you are running out of time or have other obstacles that may prevent you from the best grade, you can buy a custom essay from our service.

Getting Professional Assistance with Your Academic Assignments 

Now that you have a stunning list of topics, you may need a good political science essay example to write your work. You can find the samples of papers on our website. 

If you want to buy an exclusive essay written just for you, you should fill out the order form with as many details as possible and submit it to our team. The writer from our service will select the most appropriate topic for you at no additional costs. Then, the expert will write a paper from scratch based on your requirements. We will deliver the finished order on time. That is how our service works.

If you have any problems with writing a paper on political science, do not hesitate to contact our professional team of writers at any time!

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