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Essay Samples on Logic & Programming

Data Analysis for a business making
That the decision variables are only those that can really be controlled and they should be working for the interest of the company for taking the profits to maximized level, ad also keeping the costs to the minimum level as that will be the key...
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Visual basic
There are a lot of collections in the library divided in the form of categories such as Presidents of America, Arican American History and so on and so forth. Te university of New Orleans online database contains catalogs, ejournals, ad many other databases of books....
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High-level languages and low-level languages
The programming languages that are very similar to the human languages (e. lke English language) are acknowledged as the high-level languages. Te examples of high-level languages are FORTRAN, CBOL, BSIC, PSCAL, C+ etc. Tese languages are similar to the English language. I other words, i...
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A report on a chipset
The most recent development in the computer era is the use of microchips. Te use of these microchips or chipsets has helped the computer system to perform its functions better. A example that can arise in the computer system of a chipset is the graphic...
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Business Forecasting Using eViews
The change or the first difference of Y is c. I accurate prediction of the consequent references were possible from the series, ten the next period would be an increment to the current level to achieve the next level. Riterations for all higher levels takes...
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Essay on prejudice and stereotypes and discrimination
They believe that all Chinese are short. Tey thus stereotype any Chinese they come across. Tis was not the end of the experience. Ater going back to the residential quarters where we lived, ayoung man came along and called me ‘a photocopy’. I was so...
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Embedded system
The output pulse train of a TMP04 temperature sensor is of nominally thirty five pulses per second in environments that has a temperature of twenty five degrees Celsius. Tis is where the temperature is expressed as a ratio of high time to low time. Tis...
Pages: 20 (5000 words) , Essay , Jury System , Immune System
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Theoretical Study In Building An Electronic Archiving System For Diwan Of Royal Court
To establish an electronic archive system that will effectively replace the existing paper-based archive, ad create a work environment that utilizes electronic records-keeping. Tis is expected to reduce bureaucracy issues and facilitate routine duties in administrative work. Te proposed model is also expected to be...
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Design and create a database to solve a real world problem
The design of the database will entail generation of tables using SQL, etity relationship diagrams using SQL Workbench and the designs of forms and reports using Ms. Te database architecture must also be defined which either can be centralized, prallel or distributed. I centralized architectures,...
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The future of computer logic and programming with Python
Python programming language is a small programming framework but it still encompasses most the features that are included in the latest and huge programming languages for instance it is a collaborating tool with well-built functionalities and features and effectively works with objects. I addition, i...
Pages: 5 (1250 words) , Essay , UNIX , Programming Languages
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Java Card
These facilities are not readily available to third party application developers making the development of these applications exclusive to a few highly skilled developers who have specialized in a particular smart card hardware and software. Util recently there existed no standard high-level application interface thus...
Pages: 11 (2750 words) , Essay , Microprocessor
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Assignment 4: Paid Website Usability Testers
These evaluation techniques include nonvisual and verbal recording of browsers activities, ad the tester’s vocal comments. Nnvisual recordings of the browsers activities can be considered to be the most effective ways of collecting the tester’s feedback. Tis is due to the fact that all the...
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Parallel database
Secondly, tere is a rise in the need for quick decision making within the business environment. I times of business crisis, oganizations use the information to make decisions. Terefore, tere is need for data warehouses that can process information much faster than the centralized database...
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Joystick controlled model car
Contemporary joysticks offer proportional control where its movement corresponds to the action performed by the controlled device (Diciano, 2011). Tis technique has accuracy issues and is thus not suitable in creating systems for people with disabilities. The future promises intelligent joysticks called isometric joysticks (IJs)...
Pages: 5 (1250 words) , Essay , IS-LM Model , Ethan Frome
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Digital design project
However typical stepper motors make 1. 8degrees or 7. 5degrees which corresponds to 200 or 48 steps per rotation [2]. Te diagram below illustrates the sequence of steps that the rotor makes in reaction to changes in stator current. Tis configuration uses the second method...
Pages: 4 (1000 words) , Essay , Microprocessor , Bipolar
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Web development for business
On the other hand, te object oriented system focuses on the objects that integrate data and functionality for proper structuring of the models. I the context of designing the environment based on object orientation, te software is a collection of separate and distinguished objects, wich...
Pages: 11 (2750 words) , Essay , WEB Dubois , Web Du Bois
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Analogue Voltage/Ripple Generator
A transistor for controlling the motor only allows movement in one direction. Tis makes the process very boring. Istead of using transistor, a H-Bridge can be used instead. Tere are a number of geared motors that can be used for this purpose. Srvo motors are...
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Objects, properties, methods and the three tier application architecture
Equally, te methods offer an insight into the operations that are allowed on the properties associated with the class. Te three tier architecture refers to a coding approach that is common place in object oriented languages like C# (Ecmfa Conference, Cbot & Rubin, 2014). I...
Pages: 4 (1000 words) , Essay , Illustration Examples , Cannery Row
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Parphrase the report for me ( protus programme )
Hence for the obtained swing value, 1=R2 and Vb =0 would be true. ALow Pass Filter allows signals with frequency components lower than a given cutoff frequency. Te Low Pass Filter also attenuates signals that have frequency components higher than the specified cutoff frequency. I this design, te...
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Final Paper
Of ICT in the management of urban environments, ad as such, esential in providing the necessary basis for resilience and sustainability of the future smart cities. I most cases, te ICT tools for smart cities deal with a wide range of different applications domains, iclusive...
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