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Essay Samples on Chemistry

Chemical Properties between a Mixture and a Compound
Substances held together by ionic bonds are called ionic compounds. An ionic bond is formed when ions of opposite charges (positive and negative charges) attract, such as when an atom of sodium encounters an atom of chlorine. When these two atoms meet, one electron of...
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Personal Statement (Chemistry Major)
I was always amazed how the human mind was able to construct the synthesis of such complicated compounds. Iuse my knowledge of drugs in my current job as a caregiver, were one of my tasks is handling medication intake of my patient. Iapply chemistry to...
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The most common form is the 500 mg tablet though other formulations such as suspensions and suppositories also exist (Acetaminophen n. Pracetamol is quickly taken in from the gastrointestinal tract and attains peak plasma concentrations in about an hour (Acetaminophen n. Te cytochrome P450 system...
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Fossil fuel have no future, we need to develop renewable energy. Discus
The most important significance of fossil fuels is their reduced cost of production and accuracy of the expected output from the process of mining. Bsides this, tey are portable and easily to process the purification tasks for deriving different categories of products. Snce the uses...
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Make solar energy economical
Due to use of silicon material the cost of electricity production is three times higher which makes the engineering pauses need for cost effective cells with low manufacturing costs (Simon, 2007). Te current standard cells provide thirty one percent efficiency due to use of...
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The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1947
While at Oxford, h explored sex hormones and steroids. Dring World War II, h studied the properties of penicillin antibiotic, eucidated its structure, ad also researched antimalarial drugs. Hs explorations also extended to explosives and petroleum. H was the president of the Royal Society and...
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Protective equipment
However, te SO2 and SO3 blower continued to feed the system because it was steam powered. Tis continued for several minutes until a high temperature in the absorbers were noticed by the workers. Ufortunately the temperature values showed by the absorbers were within the safe...
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Written Report for Professor in Chem Department (new gas-phase ion chemistry and mass spectrometric )
Through instrumentation, Xa and group develop mass spectrometry systems for executing bimolecular reactions in both a linear trap and plume sections of nano-electrospray source. Tese ranges of apparatus enable research transition from the radical attack study of biomolecules to the analytical study (Chem. I terms...
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Thermoplastic elastomer
WXFP and their respective composites showed the same trend as that of WXFN. Tis is an indication that as the clay content increases, te mobility of the nanofiller is decreased, poviding low driving force for the intercalated polymer to break the tactoids. Hwever, 2E100-ODTMA showed...
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Fine chemical production
The current selected synthetic route for the production of citral involves the use of isobutene and formaldehyde as the primary feeding stocks with nitric acid as the preferred choice of catalysts. Uing this method, ctral can effectively be produced by from the reaction between isobutene...
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Hazard Assesment of incense Smoke and cigarette smoke
Emissions from the incense burning were found to exceed the cigarette smoke emissions, wich was higher than the reported environmental tobacco smoke reports that were earlier conducted. Frther analysis discovered that charcoal emissions were the main contributor of the high CO and CO2 concentrations recorded....
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Hardness Lab
The percentage cold work was calculated by the bellow formula; Te work table 1 shows the calculated values for the dimensions of sample copper at each percentage reduction in width. I also includes the cross-sectional area, te percentage cold work as well as the hardness...
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Acid-Base Reactions &Water, Water Everywhere but Not a Drop to Drink
As such, abase is a substance, wich in aqueous solution, bcomes slippery, tstes bitter, ad even changes color of litmus indicators. Tis is a suitable definition since it means a pH values ranging between 0 - 14, wich for acidic solutions is pH < 7...
Pages: 4 (1000 words) , Essay , Solutions , Color of Water
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Write a poem about chemistry or write about the philosophy of chemistry
This impact arose from his assertion that chemistry is not a suitable science. Bakel demonstrates how this statement had an uneven effect on how philosophers. A a result, rsearchers during Kant’s era were inclined to see the comparative status of the association of physics to...
Pages: 7 (1750 words) , Essay , Physics , Philosophy of Science
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Toxicology, Drugs and Poisons
Microcrystalline testing involves combining a given amount of isolated sample with a specifically known chemical reagent. I the presence of a drug or poison, achemical reaction will occur producing a precipitate. Te precipitate structure and color varies in respect to the drug or poison that...
Pages: 3 (750 words) , Essay , Government Controlling Drugs , Drugs
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Fine Chemical Production
This is an endothermic reaction of that normally results into 4-aminophenol formation through phenyl-hydroxylamine. Tis paper presents a fine chemical production of p-Amino phenol using the route of catalytic hydrogenation of nitrobenzene with particular the chemistry of the fine chemical, is synthetic route selection, termodynamics...
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John Dalton's Atomic Theory
There was no change in mass whenever a reaction occurred. Tis is explained also in Dalton’s theory, tat if there are the same numbers of atoms before the reaction and after then the masses should be same (Hogg 2014). Another experiment was by Louis (1754-1826)....
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The Chemistry of an industrial process and its environmental impact
Once the alkene has been obtained, plymerization is carried out to form different products. Plymerization mainly results into long-chain molecules called polymers. Plyethene, fr example, i formed through additional polymerization of ethene. Te action is as shown below and takes place at 200oC and 2000...
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History of periodic table
As such he postulated that there exists triad of elements in nature that the middle one has properties that are an average of the other two. Lter on other scientists came to discover other elements which they further would group in to more than sets...
Pages: 6 (1500 words) , Essay , Knights of the Round Table
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How Chemistry Changes the World
The study of chemistry is a true definition of various discoveries. The scientific discipline focused on studying compounds’ reactions, structure, mechanisms, and properties. The impact of chemistry in the global is based on the presence of chemicals everywhere. Naturally, the world is made of chemicals....
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