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Chemistry Essay

The Story of DDT and Malaria
While the United States was able to ban the use of DDT for any purpose in 1972, critics contended that the lives saved from malaria and typhus outweighed the risk in some parts of the world. During the previous 25 years, approximately 675,000 tons had been applied in the United States reaching a peak in 1959.
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Safe Chemicals Act
REACH does not allow covertness claims to apply to the trade name of the chemical, nor does it grant such assertions the ability to employ to guidance on the safe use of the chemical. REACH, in general, constraints all chemical companies to develop and then bestow the results to the government regulators.
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Nuclear power as an alternative energy source
Energy is released from this splitting, in the form of radiation and heat. Around 3-4 neutrons are released in the process and these split more nuclei, setting off a chain reaction (Craddock 119).The USSR’s nuclear plant at Obninsk became the first nuclear plant to produce power in the world for a power grid, producing some five MW of power. Calder Hall in the English region of Sellafield became the first commercial station to produce electrical-nuclear energy, with a capacity initially of 50
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Why does it matter what shape a molecule has
The attraction between two adjacent non-polar molecules increases in proportion to the area of contact. Generally, the closeness of the tie between the two increases with greater area of van der Waal’s contact attraction and also with the degree of hydrogen bonding. The higher the level of molecular fit, the stronger is the affinity between a molecule and the biomolecular target in therapeutic agents.A therapeutic agent or medicine in aqueous solution is stablized by hydrogen bonding to water
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Skin, nose, eyes and throat irritation, vomiting, cancer, impairment of the nervous system, and damage to internal organs, notably the liver and the kidney. Differing VOC types also have other specific adverse effects on human health. Benzene, a common VOC, is of special focus among health experts, for their prevalence, and for their known highly carcinogenic properties (Minnesota Department of Health; US National Library of Medicine).VOCs are more prevalent than is sometimes acknowledged,
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Advanced Analytical Methodology Problem Solving Assessment
Mass spectrometers measure the mass/charge ratio (m/z) of analytes. Mass spectrometry and MS/MS is applied in protein study as it makes use of the large array of genome and protein data stored in databases. The lists of peak intensities and mass-to-charge (m/z) values produced by a mass spectrometer can be processed and compared with lists generated from the theoretical digestion of a protein or the theoretical fragmentation of a peptide.Mass spectroscopy makes use of the fact that many protein
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Chemistry and the environment: an essay about the properties of the atmosphere and what makes a good fuel
Odor in the environment and between renewable and non-renewable energy resources, renewable energy resources prove to be the chief source of good fuel. Algae-based biofuels for instance may constitute a renewable alternative fuel used extensively in generating electricity. Aside from the renewably extracted geothermal energy, biomass, hydroelectric energy, solar, and wind powers, good fuel alternatives are also available as bioalcohols, ammonia, vegetable oil, hydrogen, non-fossil
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Elements, Mixtures and Compounds
Iron sulfide however will require a chemical reaction to separate the iron and sulfur (Leong & Aik, 2009).An element cannot be further broken down chemically, while a compound can be broken down into individual components or elements using chemical reactions specific for that compound. For example, heating mercuric oxide, which is a compound, over a Bunsen flame, will result in the decomposition and separation of mercuric oxide into mercury and oxygen. However, mercury and oxygen, which are
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Phramcology ( modules 2 - 3 )
Atenolol, Metaprolol and Propranolol have affects on both the beta 1 and beta 2 adrenergic receptors which makes them favorable in the treatment of uncomplicated hypertension but a patient with asthma and renal impairment should not be given these drugs as they have beta-2 blocking affects too. The beta-2 blocking affects of these drugs could trigger an attack of asthma in an asthmatic patient due to the absence of beta-2 mediated bronchodilatation. Also, in renal impairment these drugs could
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Current Applications and Development of Catalyst for the Synthesis of Highly Functional Organic Carbonates
Organic carbonates are used in the manufacture of a large number of other industrially important products, mainly polyurethanes and polycarbonates. They are employed in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, herbicides, pesticides, electrolytic fluids, polyimide films, etc., in addition to being used as solvents and fuel additives (3). They are environmentally benign, they are replacing toxic organic solvents, methylating agents and carbonating agents such as methyl halides, dimethyl
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Description of US patent and its weakness
In an ideal situation, these properties are tunable independently such that optimal materials can be designed with the aim of achieving a cellular response. Practically, mechanical rigidity and bioactivity are two properties that are hard to de-couple. For instance, examples from nanofilm biomaterials created through the LbL method controls rigidity via chemically cross-linking the network of polymers after assembly, while conference of bioactivity is done via surface adsorbed or film-embedded
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Uses and sources of alkanes
Coal mainly consists of carbon, arenes like benzene, toluene, xylene, naphthalene and anthracene besides organic compounds of sulphur and nitrogen.A few alkanes have been detected in the waxy constituents of certain plants. For example-nonacosane, C29H60 has been isolated from cabbage leaves and leaves and n-heptane, C7H16 is found to be present in pinus species.Alkanes can be prepared in the laboratory from alkyl halides by reduction, directly with zinc and acetic acid or via Gringard reagent
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Reduce greenhouse gas emissions: Advance the field of MOMs toward the construction of made-to-order and cost effective MOMs that can sequester large amounts of CO2
Results in components which are strong and the formation of the pores occurs during the elimination process of the guest molecules, which come from the utilised solvents. This makes the compounds become suitable for storage of industrial gases like hydrogen and carbon dioxide. This technology can be increasingly effective in the designing and manufacturing of cost-effective materials which can be utilised in the purification of carbon. This remains a fundamental aspect in the process of
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Organic compounds
Like so many other nerve medications, a tolerance to valium and/or a dependence upon it oftentimes exists within the patient that is prescribed such a drug for a relatively long period of time. As such, the need to gradually decrease the usage of this drug in tandem with other approaches to stress management is oftentimes employed for those that are at risk of pharmacological dependence.As one might recognize and understand, the strength of prescription diazepam is an order of magnitude more
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Tensile Lab ( paraphrasing )
Increasing loads were applied while staying right below the yield points. At every load, the force value as well as the extensometer reading was recorded. The recorded data was used for calculations.On each metal, some load was exerted. After calculating aluminium, the following were confirmed: yield stress was 314.47 MPa, the ultimate tensile stress was 341.47MPa, the true stress at fracture was 605.63MPa, the breaking stress was 266.89Mpa, %EL (percentage of elongation) was 15.8 percent and
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Chemistry exam
Some of the sources of proteins include: meat, poultry, seafood, beans, peas, eggs, processed soy products, nuts which are usually derived from plants or animals. Notably, they are described according to their functions in the human body e. actin is used for structural component by providing support and structure to the cells which allows the body to move. Immunoglobulin, a type of protein, acts as an antibody by biding itself to various specific foreign bodies in the human being such as virus
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Published synthesis of PD-0332991 (Palbociclib)
The preferred range of temperature is between 60oC to 90oC (the range is important to keep the enzymatic reaction optimum, besides, this range attains the desired speed without altering the expected results), which is maintained for 10 hours. After the process, the intermediate ester formed undergoes the cyclization process through AcOH and heating.This stage involves amino-pyridinyl Coupling. The stage begins with the halogenation of the compound from the previous stage. The halogenation
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Analytical chemistry assignment 12 questions
Care should be observed to avoid inhalation of the fumes during the collection and analysis process.Urine collection methods vary depending on the analyte being tested. Drugs differ in the way in which they are metabolized in the body, including the components that are excreted through the urine. Depending on the analyte being investigated, urine samples can be collected during different times to minimise interference. Analysis of urine samples is usually done using the high-performance liquid
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Test 1 - CHEM
The oxygen atom is partially negative while the Hydrogen atoms are partially positive since the Oxygen atom pulls the pair of electrons towards itself away from the hydrogen atoms.The partial positive Hydrogen of one molecule attracts the partial negative Oxygen atom of a neighboring molecule. Thus, neighboring molecules end up forming interlocking networks due to strong Hydrogen Bonding. Other substances may lack the Hydrogen bonding.Freezing causes water molecules to slow down and strengthen
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The Biuret And Lowry Assay Techniques
Accordingto Kołodziejska, Sikorski and Niecikowska (1999), the Lowry method is based on two separate reactions. The first comprises formation of amide bonds with copper ion complex resulting into a reduced copper in alkaline solutions. Second is the reduction of Folin-Ciocalteu reagent by tryptophan and tyrosine residues.
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