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Social science Dissertation

Voluntary Environmental Reporting: NGOs Accountability Problems And Solutions
Recently, NGOs have emerged as important players in the global political economy (Tilt, 2008). In fact, the NGOs’ influence and activism are responsible for major changes in corporate behaviour and policy, so much so that Multinational corporations (MNCs) are increasingly confronted by a range of international agreements
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Child Labour in the Global Economy
The hazards associated with child labor are often multiplied due to the impact that it has on the well-being of the child. Not only do long and stressful hours of work take a toll on their health, they also deprive them of education which hampers their normal development. 
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Dangerous Driving and the Consequences
Armed robbery, and other violent crimes have harsh penal punishments but a motorist, whose intentions are wreck less and similar to the same objective as a person committing a violent crime without a motor vehicle, are sentenced lightly with no lasting consequence and no proper way of deterring the behaviour of the driver. Dangerous Driving is a crime the same as any other and should be looked upon, by the courts as such. Empirical evidence will prove an existence to the motorist problems in
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Managing Health and Safety
If loss events are not considered, then when an issue, or situation, arises, it is difficult to know how to handle it. Some situations may be emergencies, which definitely require a proactive procedure. Emergencies should be prevented as much as possible and that is why it is important to determine what might be an emergency, or what might lead to an emergency. If an emergency or a safety need does arise, it is detrimental that systems and policies are in place. This will not only avoid
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The Social and Academic Attitudes of How Race Remains an Integral Variable in the Determination of Violence and Perceptions of a Criminal
The BCS asks these respondents to state why they thought this, giving the responses: Sampling error – A sample is a small-scale representation of the population from which it is drawn. As such, the sample may produce estimates which differ from the figures which would have been obtained if the whole population had been interviewed
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The Reasons of Failing of Development of Democracy in the Middle East
Taking on a limited definition, Schumpeter claims that democracy is existent only if the most influential and powerful politicians or legislators are elected “in fair, honest and periodic elections in which candidates freely compete for votes and in which virtually all the adult population is eligible to vote” (Fuller 2003: 38).
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Social Work Intervention on Parents Who Are Drug Users
As the 1950s drew to a close, a new problem came to light. Synthetically produced, non-narcotic substances such as barbiturates, tranquillizers, amphetamines, and certain hallucinogens entered into therapeutic use with increasing frequency (Austin, 1978). In less than a decade, the problem of drug abuse reached crisis proportions. 
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Sport Sponsorship: an Alternative And Global Way of Communication
Sponsorship also helps the manufacturer to understand the changing habits of consumers. Sponsorship cannot be substituted with advertising because the function of advertising is to sell the product or services only but the function of sponsorship goes much beyond that in the sense that sponsorship continues to maintain the good reputation
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The Major Regulations for Public Health Services in Cyprus
The regulations cover a wide range of food products, the obligations pertaining to the business operators who do business with foodstuff of animal origin. Finally, the regulations that implement and control these food laws have also been discussed with special emphasis on the Common Entry Documents and Designated point of entry 
Pages: 30 (7500 words), Dissertation
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Strategies Containing Urban Growth in Saudi Cities
The recent rapid growth, in the last four or five decades, of Saudi cities has led to the shortage of affordable housing, leapfrog development, urban services which are inadequate to meet the needs of the citizens, traffic commuting times which are overly long, traffic congestion and air pollution.
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Leadership concepts
As an individual who has self confidence, my future leadership plan will entail sharing these values with my followers. Notably, my focus will be on ensuring that the virtues of trust, loyalty and not being deceptive are castigated among my employees.Servant Leadership entails not only leadership philosophy but also leadership practices that differentiate traditional styles of leadership with the current strategies. Servant leadership aims at building better firms, improving the lives of
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Liberalism, Republicanism, Ascriptive Hierarchy On Case About Same- Sex Marriage
Reactions that are most commonly held and its relation to the idea of liberalism that states that each person has the right to ask for the rights that they actually deserve.The opposite, be that as it may, is likewise genuine. Albeit liberal equitable plans and practices have been more intense in America than somewhere else, American legislative issues is best seen as communicating the association of different political customs, including progressivism, republicanism, and inscriptive
Pages: 7 (1750 words), Dissertation
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To What Extent Do Violent Non State Actors Contribute to And /Or Detract From Security In the Contemporary World Politics
The various terror groups with different actions have made it difficult to know their major aims. The difficulty has been to find out whether they are evil or good. Amongst them there exists a wide variegation. Some support status quo while others oppose it. Some are not driven by ideology unlike others who are ideology driven; some violent nonstate actors kill indiscriminately
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Plastic Surgery
From ancient civilizations, people are particular regarding enhancement of beauty. The use of the corset explains a garment that tends to befit the wearer into a shape that fits the garment and not the human. The Japanese’s tattoo reveals extreme measures. The clothing tends to train the torso into an aesthetic form. A view of the history includes the use of the corset by both genders with the most ancient picture of the attire being 2000BC to appear (Lemire and Riello, 2008: p. On the other
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Why Do Voters Vote Against Their Party
Record of work hence they can or cannot benefit from the voter evaluation depending on the quality of their work.4 This is in agreement with the democratic theory which elucidate that candidates should be voted according to their past performance and the policies which they have presented. Also, the proposed policies are what determine if an upcoming leader is to be voted by the electorates. Janda et al. writing on evaluating vote choice assert that as some voters follow the democratic rule to
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