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Management Dissertation

Project Mergers and acquisitions in the Banking Industry In European Countries

The present study would focus on motives of mergers and acquisitions. There are a number of drivers described in the literature, which drives the firms to go for mergers and acquisitions. As Chunlai, Chen and Findlay has evidenced the rise in horizontal M&A which were mostly motived to diminish risks and transaction costs, and to gain from economies of scale. There are different theories regarding the motives of the mergers and acquisitions as given by Trautwein and Cox. The theories

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The issues that prevent implementation of good management practices in Saudi Arabias public hospitals

The paper has examined the viewpoints of several researchers that have considered how variables of quality management influence performance, such as external quality requirements, corporate support for quality, managerial knowledge, product complexity and organizational uncertainty. The size of the industry, country and processes undertaken by the organization are also determinants of quality management practices. Whatever the circumstances that characterize the working of any organization,

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The Role Of Cultural Policy On Organisational Management
The research will be a qualitative research which will be conducted in seeking to establish the effect of the cultural policy upon the performance of the employees within an organization. The research will follow an exploratory design because of the limited information which is available on the topic being studied(Creswell 2013). The study will seek to determine the effects of cultural policy within an organization. The utilization of an exploratory design enables the research to conduct
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Global Supply Chain:Case Study of BMW
BMW success can be attributed to its ability to minimize and manage risks and utilizing opportunity while at the same time leveraging potential. The success of any business depends on how well it has been able to segment the local market. Dominating the local market provides the business with an opportunity to explore other markets across the world. Money collected in the local market is used to sustain subsidiaries that are struggling in competitive markets. For instance, BMW’s sales in
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Differences in Management Styles between the American and the Japanese in Multinationals
As a corporations style of management is grounded in its society’s cultural background, the changing face of global business and its multicultural means that cultures are incorporating more flexible boundaries (Roberts & Van den Steen, 2000).Management styles that are able to accommodate both employees and shareholders will be better suited to ongoing business (Roberts & Van den Steen, 2000). Importantly, the current research will show that there are important implications in the study of
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Koh's Model of Knowledge Management for Indian Call-Centers
Cost savings may be achieved for companies by shifting business processes overseas. While many business processes have been contracted out, one of the notable areas is call center processing, so that time and resources of the outsourcing firm are freed up through the diversion of customer relationship management activities to call centers in India.
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Solutions of Outsourcing Third Party Logistics in Marine Industry and Identifying an Effective Method of Outsourcing 3PL Provider
The logistics is being viewed as an important part of the marine industry because there are some special needs of the industry like special marine transportation arrangements etc that need the companies operating. These logistics needs also demand the companies spend a considerable amount of money to assure the successful logistics operations.
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Project Management Significance to Project Delivery
Organizations that are entirely project based may have a viable atmosphere as part of their infrastructure. However, the hurdles and bottlenecks encountered in the delivery of projects are in no way easy for them too. Previous decades have seen the implementation of a Project Management Office, which has been considerably helpful in project success.
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Features Of Environmental Management In India
EMS has a number of benefits. Some of them include improving the environmental performance of an organization, helping an organization to systematically resolve any environmental issues that may come up, helping in a better understanding of the short term and long term effects of its manufacturing process, services or products.
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Corporate Governance Initiative In Nigeria
A brief historical background is provided, as a precursor to the problem that the research seeks to resolve. A goal is thereafter articulated, and objectives leading to the goal. The problem is stated as the main research question, which is resolved into a few focused sub-questions the answers to which are steps leading to the eventual conclusion.
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Reasons For Absenteeism And Methods Of Its Reducing
Data on occasions and lengths of absences, as well as the reason given for the absence, is readily available, however, it will be necessary to research further the actual reasons for the absences, to ensure that any potential remedial action is, in fact, fit for purpose. SHS provides a facilities management service to the NHS Trust at the JCUH site.
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The differences between male and female leaders in approaches taken to lead organizational change
Research that women take a more personal approach to achieving the role of leadership (Altintas, 2010) and treat the role as the way they maintain their everyday lives, budgeting as such and seeking long term goals for financial stability and success (Arvery, Avolio, Krueger, & Zhang, 2007).The differences between male and female leaders can act as a powerful tool to get the job done, by placing the right leaders in the right places for the right jobs (Burke and Collins, 2011). Penny (2001)
Pages: 44 (11000 words), Dissertation
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An Investigation into the Effects of the 2012 London Olympics
Apart from that, London’s role will be put under intense scrutiny especially with the rising cases of insecurity in the world, as well as the many incidents of terrorism attack that have been reported. This dissertation will endevour to dig deep into the preparation, thereby assuring the participants of their safety as per the preparations of this host nation.This literature review focuses on the basic theories to be considered in the influencing of an investigation into the effects of the
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Strategic Financial Management for Global Markets
In recent times the fields of strategic management and financial management have undergone a fusion to originate a contemporary discipline, named significantly as, strategic financial management. This involves a prolific blend of the two management disciplines to present a strategic approach towards managing the financial resources of an enterprise. The knowledge of finance professional as strategists will aid in countering the challenge of sustenance and growth for companies in the years to
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Evaluating the human resource development in public and private sector IN Oman
These institutions, companies and organizations shall also have different industrial background so that a well balanced and comprehensive view of human resource development as it cuts across different quarters of Oman shall be seen (Aryee, 1994). This is to say that the case study shall not be limited to specific industries or service providers.The researcher shall build a sample size that shall be made up of two hundred (200) respondents. These two hundred (200) respondents shall be solicited
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Management of Family Owned Real Estate Properties in London
According to Darlow (2013), these companies have a big shareholding in the London property market mostly because their founders acquired land in the earlier centuries when land was low in value and the families have held on to the land till present times when they are under development. However, it is important to note that besides these prominent families there are other small family owned real estate companies that also own one or two real estate within the London city.Whilst focusing on
Pages: 9 (2250 words), Dissertation
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Celebrities Endorsement to a Brand Promotion
Celebrity endorsement can also acclaimed for the creating of new set of customers who have some sort of previous connection with the celebrity but possess negative preference or zero awareness towards the product or brand.Celebrity endorsement can be considered as a prevalent form of advertising. According to a research, almost 20% of the media commercials are featuring a famous person. There were many researches, which have been done on viewer’s perception of celebrity endorsement. However,
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Family Owned Real Estate Properties in London
When such business ventures grow, other family members come in to aid in the management and running of the business and this is ultimately how a family owned business is created.This particular paper focused on family owned real estate businesses that are located within the City of London. Among the most prominent real estate companies that are family owned, include the Grosvenor Estate, the Cadogan Estate, the Howard de Walden Estate, and the Portman Estate. According to Darlow (2013), these
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Employee Engagement On The Scope Of Future Career Growth Of Employees
Scholars such as Dyne & Pierce (2008) and Konrad (2009) have questioned the authenticity of the organisations in context of providing scope of growth for their employee base. Carrying forward a similar concern Bakker & Leiter (2010) mentioned that employee engagement and job satisfaction does not go hand-in-hand. Focusing on these arguments and the evaluation of the practical work conditions and processes, the research will focus on analysing the influence of employee engagement on their career
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Adopting Lean Manufacturing System and Six Sigma Quality System
Lean focuses on the smooth flow of work processes through the reduction of waste, whereas Six Sigma identifies and eliminates factors that cause defects. Through this perspective alone, it is evident that a firm can apply both systems at the same time, producing better results than utilizing just one.
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