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A case study is one of the more frequent assignments in advanced college courses. It is used to demonstrate the application of theory to solving real-world problems, or in other cases to extrapolate data from practical situations to classroom learning. By analyzing a company, project or campaign, factors that contribute to success and failure can be identified, solutions recommended and actions taken for the particular situation. Case studies are popular in business analysis, MBA investment projects, and software engineering research.

Most students struggle with this kind of assignment and in fact, don’t even know the first thing about dealing with case studies. Transferring concepts from a simulated classroom environment to an actual working model may pose several challenges to students such as how to model parameters and transfer them outside of the simulation to incorporate real-world variables. What this implies is that the real world model may not be a perfect replica of the simulated environment. Therefore such differences ought to be accounted for. With our case study examples, you will be able to see how to go about contextualizing a problem, how to isolate a problem and designing your case to be presented in the most logical and fluid way.

What a Case Study Sample from Us Teaches You

A case study is also used to reveal trends or provide important new insights which could have significant implications for future research. There are often assumptions that are prevalent or studies which have been passed by time. Your case study may seek to challenge these assumptions and provide a new way of thinking that has not been thought of yet. Designing a methodology to collect the data and analyzing it must be rooted within firm scientific principles. The limitations of your study must be clearly stated, and overgeneralizations should be avoided. If you avoid presenting the reader with all the limitations of your case study, then it might be assumed that your study is biased or purposefully underrepresents the sample.

A full case study sample from us will help you understand how to design your own study. By thoroughly understanding the case study, you can underline key challenges, discuss why these exist and what/who causes them and uncover possible solutions from literature, research, and discussions. We delineate the entire process from choosing a suitable topic to work on, drafting the case including creating a working thesis statement, outlining alternatives and possible constraints to the study, providing solutions and possible conclusions, to creating the final draft with recommendations.

We Provide the Proper Case Study Sample Format 

The structure of a case study is one of the more difficult parts of writing these assignments. A case study sample format will assist you to develop your presentation clearly.  A case study often takes the form of a regular research paper with slight modifications. The introduction serves to introduce your reader to the purpose and scope of the study. Always keep in mind that you can design different cases for the same problem. Therefore, the reader should first be introduced to the context of the study, and then the research problem can be introduced. You should explain why the particular case is important for understanding the problem and how the problem can be addressed in this case. From the introduction your reader should understand why the topic under investigation is important, your approach to solving it, background information on the topic and what benefit or new insights this study will provide. To achieve this, you can get a case study introduction sample from our expert writers.

After the introduction, you need to provide a literature review which provides direction to relevant works which can contextually be used to understand the problem, and also shows the applicability of the case within various theories and ideas. Some of the literature may also contain gaps, and you may expose these through literature review. The reader should be able to see clearly how the case study and your intended research problem (as introduced by your hypothesis in the intro) places in the existing contexts.

The third section is the methodology which details how will develop the case centered on a person, place, event, entity or phenomenon. A procedure may be designated for you, or you may need to come up with your own research design. Findings from your review should directly support the use of the appropriate case. Previous studies should also be cited that can convince the reader as to why the case was selected.

The next section is the discussion in which you make your arguments and the core of your research, and finally, the conclusions and recommendations. A sample case study report from us showcases all these concepts clearly.

Sample Case Study Paper in Different Disciplines

With a sample case study paper from us, you will cruise through everything such as focusing your research through a single case study and presenting it as a finite concept. Sources are an important part of presenting any case study, and you should work to ensure that all outside information is properly attributed. The design of the case should be bound by scientific principles. With our examples, you could learn everything about developing and testing your case, the proper format and how to follow editorial style guides, and keeping your work succinct and relevant.

We have worked on numerous case studies in various disciplines, and we know what exactly you might need for your particular assignment. You can check out the following:

  • Marketing case study examples: You can explore successes or failures in product marketing, and what led to these. Examples include the case of Amazon’s phenomenal growth, Black Panther: How a new demographic was tapped for Marvel, how Real Madrid got to half a billion fans worldwide, etc.
  • Nursing case study sample: Check our sample files on such topics as osteoporosis in older adult patients, care for patients with dementia, care for a PTSD patient, etc.
  • Business case study examples: Some examples that you could consider for your case study include viral marketing and returns, lessons from Apple’s dominance in new sales shares, etc.
  • Medical case study examples: You can use our samples such as hepatic failure management, renal failure in recovering heroin addicts, the prevalence of migraines in women in menopause, etc.
  • Social work case study examples: Our worked topics include violence indicators in children from broken families, better learning techniques for children in cerebral palsy, etc.
  • Case study examples psychology: Written samples include frontal damage and how it affects personality, amnesia and how epilepsy affects it, autism and the possibility of being a savant: the case of Kim Peek, etc.
  • Library case study example: Improving filing efficiency through an interactive management system.
  • Ethical case study examples: Deepwater Horizon: A study for managing future oil spills.

We Have More Content for You

These are just a small variety of what we have worked on. We have numerous other samples especially covering various concepts such as antitrust and mergers, deregulation in the insurance industry, efficiency of structure in the business, etc. Nursing case study examples are some of the most popular varieties in our collection. Our samples cover topics such as terminal care, geriatrics, psychiatric nursing and care for bipolar disorder patients. Case controls are used to provide a retrospective or observational look at a cause-and-effect relationship and are quite common in medicine and the health sciences. A case-control study example from us will help you understand more about this type of assignment in various disciplines.

As part of a new job interview, you may be provided with a case study from a past project. Our consulting case study examples will help you prepare for the process, and you recreate the conditions that you will face in the actual interview process. With our case study interview examples, you can learn what global companies such as Credit Suisse and BNP Paribas want from you.

An annotated case study analysis sample from our experts will help you understand various problems in business and how you can make your own presentation without necessarily using a template. You can understand various details such as citation, structure, creating fine logic and perfecting your presentation.

Ordering is Easy

With the resources that we provide, writing any case study is bound to be a breeze. Writing a case study is often a difficult and tedious task. Any case study analysis example that we provide is well-researched and is worked on by an expert in that specific field. Our team of professional writers works round the clock to ensure that your order is delivered on time and within the given guidelines that you provide for us.

We provide a whole treasure trove of resources that you can use to succeed in your assignment. Since these kinds of assignments are highly dynamic and the structure often changes, you need to have a variety of samples to build up your own unique writing. So what are you still waiting for?

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Etiology and Treatment of Non-ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction
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