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Basketball Essay Examples

Basketball Team within a Basketball Community
Basketball is also a very physical game and there is a lot of pushing and shoving to establish supremacy. It involves a lot of action and physical shows of frustration and even friendship and support. Players also use actions as forms of affection like slapping...
Pages: 8 (2000 words) , Essay , Health Sciences & Medicine
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Basketball Strength Training
The achievement of short-term goals can increase an athlete’s confidence and self-esteem. Therefore, attain the threshold for short-term goals enable the athlete to realize the forcibility of the long-term goals. In the short-term goals, we will have the athlete lose 2 pounds in the first...
Pages: 7 (1750 words) , Research Paper , Sports & Recreation
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Basketball Culture
It is difficult to define the market in which basketball teams compete. Each basketball league competes for labour in a single national labour market, or international labour market Besanko et al. 2009, p. 344). However, individual teams may be monopolists in the output in their...
Pages: 6 (1500 words) , Article , Education
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Wheelchair Basketball
The International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF) governs the sport itself. The height of the basket and the size of the court are the same as in the running version of the game (10 feet from the floor and 28mx 15m, respectively). The duration of for...
Pages: 12 (3000 words) , Essay , Health Sciences & Medicine
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Basketball in the Modern Times
The History of Basketball dates back to more than 115 years ago. Originally, the game consisted of only 13 rules, but Modern Basketball has ruled not only for the players but also for the coaches and parents. Training in modern Basketball has taken on critical...
Pages: 9 (2250 words) , Term Paper , Sports & Recreation
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Salary Discrimination in National Basketball Association
Previous studies claim that NBA wage gaps in the 1980s are attributable to customer discrimination and monopsonistic wage discrimination. Michael (1988) and Walton &Gardella (2000) state that, employer discrimination was an important source of those gaps and that one reason they vanished was because reduced...
Pages: 11 (2750 words) , Essay , Sports & Recreation
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The Psychology of Becoming a Basketball Coach
In teaching basketball to young children, coaches can tell them that when each of them makes a basket there is positive reinforcement offered and that makes basketball attractive to players of all ages.  You can as coaches can tell them that this sport makes an...
Pages: 9 (2250 words) , Assignment , Social science
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Analysis of Racism in Basketball between China and America
When it comes to fighting, the Chinese people can still kick the expletive out of them. The racist remarks over the basketball brawl between the two countries went as far as people blaming the Americans for even fighting in their NBA matches, and they called...
Pages: 10 (2500 words) , Case Study , Social science
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The Leadership Skills, Approach, Goal Theory, Role of Jim Boeheim
Every team leaders like Boeheim to leave a mark like 30-10 (2012-12 NCAA Tournament). Boeheim has a different style of leading and guiding his team. The style is termed unusual as not many leaders3 and coaches follow this style (Pitoniak, 2011). Other successful coaches have...
Pages: 7 (1750 words) , Assignment , Human Resources
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Kobe Bryant: Simply the Best
Lakers coach Phil Jackson said after the game, “I have seen a few 60 point ballgames in my time, but none of them had been done by the third quarter” (Associated Press). Kobe Bryant is one the best all around players in the game of...
Pages: 5 (1250 words) , Essay
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How the University of Miamis Sports Organizations Use Social Media to Promote Sporting Activities
UM signed a contract for 25 years to play at Sun Life Stadium beginning 2008 and expires in 2033. The Hurricanes Football team basically competes in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Football Bowl Division (FBD). It also competes in the Atlantic Coast Conference’s Coastal Division...
Pages: 9 (2250 words) , Term Paper , Marketing
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Sport in Other Country
With the fall of the great Berlin Wall, the US and Germany have had an on and off relationships that have led to the great influence they have had on each other. Several events have occurred after and prior to this occurrence that has led...
Pages: 7 (1750 words) , Term Paper , Sports & Recreation
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Stern Performance in the Field of NBA
The estimated number of people watching NBA league through the television is said to be over 750 million people. The foreign players in the NBA league are estimated to be around 80 of the 430 positions in the NBA team. This shows how NBA has...
Pages: 8 (2000 words) , Assignment , Business
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African American Women Who Have Made It Big within Their Respective Fields
Michelle LaVaughn Robinson has a surname that in today’s world makes her one of the most powerful and influential women in this world. She happens to be the wife of the 44th President of the United States of America, Mr. Barrack Obama. Her husband has...
Pages: 8 (2000 words) , Case Study , Gender & Sexual Studies
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Gender Equality Duty
Gender conflict in sports necessitated Title IX that defined the relationship between men and women in sports within academic institutions in participation and monetary terms. Title IX, however, does not rule by the thumb although it is mandatory. Those adversely affected try for loopholes in...
Pages: 8 (2000 words) , Case Study , Gender & Sexual Studies
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The Mechanisms Employed by an Individual to Enjoy Profound Benefits by Proper Utility of the Challenges
People’s perception of failure and weakness can be a major milestone in future success and growth. In essence, success is a journey that starts from an unknown point and ends in the unfathomed destination. Apparently, success is a complex subject to address since there exist...
Pages: 7 (1750 words) , Term Paper , Management
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Team sport economics
Fans have also appreciated the game on different levels. This has resulted to them praising the contribution of even the undervalued players. Sabermetrics gives information that the traditional methods did not give to the coach. For example, in baseball the coach missed statistics such as Defense...
Pages: 7 (1750 words) , Essay , Finance & Accounting
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Social media marketing paper
This means the participation in social networking skews towards younger audiences. Half of social media users are between the age of 25 and 44. Using the demographics data above, Flyballers could determine where the ideal fans of UCR fall. The social media marketing for...
Pages: 10 (2500 words) , Essay , Marketing
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The Selling Concepts In Sports Marketing
The trend of sports marketing has affected sports at all levels; from the professionals to small leagues. It is not easy to specifically pinpoint where sports marketing all began (Kamphorst and Roberts, 1989, pp 33). Similarly, it is neither easy to establish the developmental phase...
Pages: 10 (2500 words) , Research Paper , Marketing
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The Development Of Children's Thinking Related To Mathematics
One of the problems that are exacerbating the continuation of achievement gaps while the solution may be easily reached through alternative methods of learning approaches in the lowest grade levels. According to Roschelle, Singleton, Sabelli, Pea, and Bransford (2008), old theories of failures on the...
Pages: 8 (2000 words) , Research Paper , Education
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Analyzing Strategic Management Cases
The case seems to talk about the increasing competition in the Airline Industry in the United States. With the entry of many low-cost airlines, there is a huge dip in the business of large well-established airlines like Pan American and Eastern. On the other hand,...
Pages: 8 (2000 words) , Case Study , Management
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History of Sport in Italy
One of the most popular sports pastimes was one that although unnamed at the time, would later in the 20th Century become Italy’s favorite sport—soccer. Although there is no evidence that it was played as a team sport, there are historical references that indicate young...
Pages: 11 (2750 words) , Case Study , Sports & Recreation
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Analysis of Sport: Coaching and Performance
Since the indicators chosen should direct how the scheme will be deliberated, one needs first to decide on these. The initial phase is the formation of a structure that is logical to the sport itself. This indicates defining the variety of possible events in sport...
Pages: 9 (2250 words) , Assignment , Education
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Principles of Effective Communication
The first step in effective communication is eliminating the fear of speaking. When the appropriate time comes, one must let one’s voice be heard. Some individuals are afraid to let their voices be heard. The fear of speaking usually precipitates from avoiding saying the wrong...
Pages: 10 (2500 words) , Essay , Sociology
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Analysis of Nutritional Assessment of Kurt Manning
Kurt is an athlete, aged 23, weighs 87 kg, and stands 164 cm tall. He plays basketball competitively and is an electrician. His normal day starts at 6-7 am when he begins with half an hour of music and exercises of sit ups, push ups...
Pages: 13 (3250 words) , Case Study , Health Sciences & Medicine
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NCAA Legal Challenges Over Health and Compensation Policies
Klossner was questioned over whether the NCAA thought of taking disciplinary action against institutions over concussion-control measures. His reply was in negative. Things are happening differently, as the South Carolina’s football team was not awarded scholarships because players were given hotel rooms at reduced rates...
Pages: 10 (2500 words) , Research Paper , Law
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A Power Play for Howard in Many Acts
The paper tells that General Manager West Unseld of Washington Bullets could have abandoned his effort to win over Juwan Howard after Juwan signed the contract with Miami Heat. His budget was tight. However, his popularity among Washington fans was already being ruined by the...
Pages: 6 (1500 words) , Assignment , Management
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The University of Findlay The Academic Support Center
Apart from studying, the center can also be used by students that wish to take a break and just relax. Additionally, if one is facing certain challenges and wishes to talk to someone, the center is also an ideal place. This is because the center...
Pages: 7 (1750 words) , Essay , Education
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Coachs Historical Role
It is evidently clear from the discussion that in the Tudor and Stuart period from 1485 to 1714 AD, and the Hanoverian period from 1714 to 1790, Puritanism was in vogue and merrymaking, sports and leisure activities were banned. This paper illustrates that large gatherings...
Pages: 8 (2000 words) , Essay , Sports & Recreation
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Chapter 1 introduction
After the discovery of petroleum in the country, Kuwait changed to a developed country. This implies that people did not need to do the sports to make a living although those sports changed to become hobbies for many people. At this time, sports started to...
Pages: 7 (1750 words) , Essay , Education
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Stereotyping in the United States
s: Details: Due Stereotyping in the United s Stereotyping is real in the United s. Stereotypesrefer to qualities that describes groups of people related nationality, sex, race, sexual orientations, job among other groupings in a manner that discrimination on these diversity is evident. There are...
Pages: 3 (750 words) , Essay , Journalism & Communication
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An Overview Of NIKE's Supply Chain and Manufacturing
It will take well-trained, tested, and qualified employees of Nike Inc. and similarly well-trained, tested, and qualified employees of the Contracted Factories to implement the various prescribed procedures and to comply with Nike’s Code of Conduct. There were instances in the past when news reports...
Pages: 10 (2500 words) , Case Study , Management
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The 2004-05 NHL Lockout: Bargaining Goals, Bargaining Processes, and Bargaining Outcomes
It is evidently clear from the discussion that the NHL encountered the first lockout prior to the season of 1994-95. The disagreement was however settled and an agreement of collective bargaining arrived which lasted till the season of 1998-99 that was later stretched to 2003-04...
Pages: 8 (2000 words) , Term Paper , Business
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Long Term Athlete Development
The LTAD framework is most effective when the training is provided to children from their early childhood. The model is effective in grooming a child since they follow a pattern of coaching and training. However, as per the study of the Principal of Individuality states...
Pages: 8 (2000 words) , Case Study , Education
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Beijing Olympic Games and China Athletic Sport System
In the past up until present times, the Olympic Games have always been celebrated throughout the world as more than a sporting event but more importantly it has spurred maintaining peace between countries, it has greatly enhanced and has even initiated a friendship and more...
Pages: 48 (12000 words) , Case Study , Sports & Recreation
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Knee Skeletal Muscle Damage and Its Recovery
In a report from the American Women’s National Basketball Association, it emerges that the prevalence of ACL injury was quite high among white European-American players than from their Asian, African-American, and Hispanic counterparts. However, no genetic research has successfully explained such differences (Chaudhari, 2008). The...
Pages: 9 (2250 words) , Research Paper , Health Sciences & Medicine
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Global International Marketing Strategies
Understanding and assessing the national culture and organization's culture can mean the difference between success and failure in today's fast-changing organizational environment. Cultural assessment can provide measurable data about the real organizational values and norms that can be used to get management's attention. Though, it...
Pages: 9 (2250 words) , Essay , Marketing
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Features of Sports Marketing and Merchandising
After sports marketing the largest area of company sponsorship is in the entertainment industry. Companies interested in sponsorship have two main options. Firstly, they can buy into an existing event and accept the restrictions and guidelines placed upon them by the event organizers. Merchandising is...
Pages: 10 (2500 words) , Coursework , Marketing
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Cognitive-Behavioral Treatments in Athletics
A substantial body of research indicates that it is crucial for athletes to have effective control over their anxiety, to ensure optimal performance, especially during competition. There is a significant difference noted between performance during practice and during the competition, which suggests that most athletes,...
Pages: 12 (3000 words) , Term Paper , Sports & Recreation
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Sports and Entertainment
That 715 million people watched FIFA World Cup and 600 million people watched some portion of the tournament. Through this estimation, it is concluded that fans and supporters of football is on the peak position.The FIFA World Cup is organized every four years and many television...
Pages: 7 (1750 words) , Research Paper , English
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A Business Plan for a Media Startup
The competitive advantage of LaxTV lies on the original content that it can provide the audience on a very focused topic – lacrosse. Everything relevant to lacrosse should be incorporated in the programs; thus the company's brand essence is the network for lacrosse. Based on...
Pages: 15 (3750 words) , Research Paper , Media
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Children's science interview
In other words, the coach gives direction but the players are still responsible for the execution of the play. Another important consideration is the relationship of grades with ease and accuracy. The interviewed child is receiving a B in my class. The child knew the concepts...
Pages: 6 (1500 words) , Assignment , Education
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Niketown as an Experien
The ‘fixed assets’ of built environments, especially those of retail and consumer service sectors, are integrally linked to brand identity and equity.”3 The executives at Nike, though, did their homework and revolutionized the architecture/design/brand connection to such an extent that it becomes difficult to draw...
Pages: 27 (6750 words) , Essay , Marketing
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How do Celebrity endorsements used by Adidas impact upon consumer purchasing behaviour
For the case of the example provided above, the individual may tend to either select from Adidas, Nike or Puma.Purchase decision and actual purchasing: Once the individual has made the ultimate decision, they always go ahead to make the purchase action. This could involve visiting...
Pages: 12 (3000 words) , Dissertation , Management
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In professional team sports, the objectives of the owners of clubs and franchises are often thought to have serious consequences for the structure and regulation of leagues. Use economic theory to explain why this might be the case, and discuss the empiri
These leagues are multi-billion dollars ventures that contribute significantly to the GDP of their respective countries. Players’ drafts, salary caps, roster limit, and player trading restrictions govern the labor market of professional sports. Gate collection sharing, collective sale of television broadcasting rights, and joint merchandising...
Pages: 8 (2000 words) , Essay , Macro & Microeconomics
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Sports Marketing Strategies
Sports marketing is the marketing of sport/sports products or the marketing of non-sports products through the association of sports. Here non-sports companies associate their brand with sports attributing them to strength, fitness, power, etc... Many of these companies endorse their brands by sponsoring teams in...
Pages: 9 (2250 words) , Assignment , Business
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Organizational behavior
As an autocratic leader, he never gave a chance to failures and emphasized on perfection. Being a democratic leader, Knight always engaged his players in conversations and this explains why most of his players went on to become good coaches upon graduating from the University....
Pages: 10 (2500 words) , Assignment , Human Resources
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Paying College Players
The opponents of paying college players a small stipend do not mention cases such as Poindexter.  He lived, as many athletes do, in dire poverty while attending school but still put the university’s interest ahead of his own.  The young man lost a fortune because...
Pages: 12 (3000 words) , Assignment , Sports & Recreation
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The Causes and Results of Violent and Unruly Fans Behavior during a Game
Sports like football are accompanied by very strong emotions. The level of excitement peaks as the tournament continues. The excitement might reach levels that are hard for the fan to control. They vent these emotions in destructive manners that are harmful to themselves and the...
Pages: 11 (2750 words) , Case Study , Sports & Recreation
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The Problem of Catch-Up in Developing Countries at the Level of the Nike
The company that is the subject of this research is Nike as a global brand. By developing a successful own-brand, the company generates a key business asset. In a highly competitive and overcrowded market, the brand helps in differentiation and protection. Nike too has a...
Pages: 8 (2000 words) , Essay , Business
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