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Article Example, Guide, and Tips on Article Reviewing

An article critique requires critical thinking and lots of research. Reviewing entails evaluation and analysis of another writer's literature in a particular field of study. In this case, the primary goal is to assess an article for authenticity and clarity. Although it looks like a simple task, it indeed requires a critical mind and doing some extra research.

Article reviewing is one of the assignments that expose scholars to the work of experts in their area of expertise. As a student, you will be required to evaluate the main augments and theme of an article. To help us in understanding all that entails article reviewing, we have provided some samples for your viewing. We hope these guidelines and experts tips will help you to write an outstanding review effectively.

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Make use of our free templates and article critique example to prepare your article review easily. Whether it's an editorial piece or online article, you can find a match that applies in your case. 

The appropriate process to start a review is to narrow down on a good topic. You can go for a subject that is currently on the trend or a human-interest story. Make sure your choice is catchy and sure to ignite some interest.

Depending on your area of interest, our article example will give you an idea of how to handle an article review. Our samples are nonetheless available in the public domain, and you can download them as PDF or DOC file for future viewing. 

With the samples, you are in a position to craft a proper outline and apply correct formatting as required. It’s no doubt; our examples can save your time instead of endless search for guidelines on the internet. 

The primary reason for article review is to summarize the documents by either supporting the author’s argument or arguing against his ideas. From our article summary example, the short brief makes the article easier to read and understand.

The summary should be concise and clear. The first step to writing a summary is to identify the central theme of the article. To do this, of course, you must read and re-read the piece. Then, isolate the supporting arguments. Once you have the grasp of all the ideas in the article, write a summary starting with the name of the author and then the title.

Article Review Format and Outline

A scholarly research critique features a summary of the first paragraph. The summary gives you the chance to detail the purpose, findings, and hypotheses of the article. 

You should describe in great length about the research design and data analysis. You will have to point out the inconsistencies in the texts. Strong points should be credited. Overall, the final draft should hold more literature review than the elaborate statistical explanation. An article review follows a particular format:

  • Title
  • Using a few sentences describe the article and the author. Also, write a hypothesis explaining why your review is relevant.
  • In this section, one should write a summary of question, arguments and the conclusions of the analysis. Cite your references in this section.
  • Table of contents. A structured way to indicate the outline of the overview.
  • Thesis statement. This is an introduction that includes the central theme of the review.
  • A detailed outline expounding the main ideas, the arguments, and conclusions. This section gives the reader the narrative of the article.
  • The part where the critique is placed. Describe your arguments in support or disapproval on the article’s agenda.
  • This section contains an overview of the ideas and findings you have laid bare to the reader.
  • Use the standardized style-MLA or APA

If you need to get it right with a review, you must master the art of reading to enhance the learning process.

If you are writing a scientific review article, you will be required to indicate database searches to verify your research. In case, your primary focus is to gather and understand the original ideas presented by the author in the goal to reflect on the outcome of your final draft.

Reading might preoccupy a lot of your studying time during the initial period. As you progress, it will be more fun and with enhanced pace. Remember the most critical aspect of a review is the argument – either for or against the stated facts.

Another thing to pay attention to is the grammar. Depending on the date of publishing, you should use particular tenses – past tense, present tenses, and present perfect tense – all in varying degrees.

If you go through an article analysis example, you can see that the writer integrated both the summary and evaluation. Be careful in this section as you might be writing a summary rather than a review.   

Feature Article Example: Great Review Suggestions

Some human-interest stories fall under feature articles. If you look at feature article example, the writer has placed a lot of emphasis on analysis. Through this, the author gives an interesting dimension on the subject. This makes the review highly engaging and amusing in telling a unique narrative.

It’s a whole different scenario when reviewing definite and indefinite articles. The definite articles in Spanish examples are good samples to gain in-depth knowledge of the four known Spanish nouns.

Research shows that learners perform best if they are presented with templates as a reference to their work. You don’t have to worry. We have a list of available examples that indicate the different styles of citations and references.

With a journal article, you need to cite quotes and bibliography on your article with respect to the writing guide.

When reviewing a journal, it’s critical that you read the article to develop an extensive understanding of the main agenda and content. Without doing that, your evaluation will be flawed. Note from a journal article review example that the author is very comprehensive in analyzing and interpreting the arguments within the text. This indicates a high level of knowledge of the facts in the document

If you find this hard to tackle, request our professional writers, and they will be glad to offer some help at affordable prices.

Looking forward to reviewing a history or law article? Check the articles of confederation examples and learn the various ways you can summarize and cite your similar review. 

Article Review Example with Pro Tips        

Our select samples picked from different academic fields were written by professional writers.

We hope that our examples have been useful and you have learned the secrets to writing an A-grade article review. Depending on the topic, all citation styles can be applied in any kind reviews. APA style is normally used with academic journals. In such a case, you need to write a bibliographical entry to support your sources.

Trust our examples as being resourceful and carefully selected to cater for any review and citation. Our writers who compiled the samples have years of experience in the academic world. We advise that you read the examples given carefully and internalize the strategies employed in their writing.

Are you having a problem with your review assignment? Here is a list of some tips and recommendations you can learn to enhance your critique skills.   

  • Create an outline. A structured plan ensures you don’t deviate from the storyline and thoughts.
  • The introduction should explain the author’s key concepts and arguments and include a thesis at the end.
  • Write concise and few sentences, but have enough information to convince the reader.
  • Compile lots of references that fits perfectly with your chosen topic. Limit the references to should to 10-15 years from publication.
  • Verify and fact-check all your references for citation and grammar.
  • Brainstorm by reading the article more than one time and then highlighting the main themes. You can henceforth diverge all your energy in creating an overall impression using the ideas.
  • Choose a catchy topic that reflects the main views of the article.
  • Use the correct citation rules for the chosen reference style.
  • Write using the third-person and standard academic writing style.
  • Summarize your review by giving your views and opinions. Consequently, conclude by expressing the strong points and shortcomings of the literature.

Using our templates, you can learn new approaches from our article review example on the best way to a critique. It is our mission to improve your review skills using the availed samples. Together with our detailed guides and tips, you will be able to tackle a review effectively.

Many students in professions of journalism commonly request us for profile article example. Such reviews analyze profile stories featuring people’s achievements. 

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