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Annotated Bibliography

One flew over the cuckoo's nest by Ken Kesey
After all Nurse Ratched triumphs over McMurphy in the end, and it could be argued that she is as much a victim of the oppressive system as he is. This book pursues a very strong feminist line, but in Kesey’s novel it finds more questions than answers, throwing up a number of intriguing theories, none of which address the mixed male/female/machine persona that is Nurse Ratched, or the decidedly positive view that the young McMurphy formed of women and heterosexual love.This book examines
Pages: 6 (1500 words), Annotated Bibliography
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Biography of Nikola Tesla
As he ran out of money to pursue his study and experiments, he started gambling and lost money further. Eventually he had to leave his study unfinished (Burgan, 31).After a while, with the support of his father he joined University of Prague. But after one term was over, he left this course also and joined the telegraph department (Burgan, 32). While walking in the city park with a friend, the design of the ac motor suddenly came to his mind like a flash of lightening (Burgan, 32). The young
Pages: 5 (1250 words), Annotated Bibliography
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Review of Research Literature: Annotations
Facilitation, an active learning component allowed students to grasp relevant research methodology theories and principles, acquire competency in research methodology techniques, develop interpersonal and professional skills, and improve their attitude regarding science and the research process. I fell these attributes are important skills to for the workforces a vital part of society.I fell that the evidence from this study greatly supports my Social Change Proposal. These findings support
Pages: 12 (3000 words), Annotated Bibliography
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American History Since 1865
The analysis of the weaknesses and the strengths of the Treaty provided additional knowledge on the topic that is worth exploring further. This is an important resource for readers who want to know more about why the Treaty of Versailles also contributed to World War II. The main weakness of the website is that it does not cite its sources. There should have been footnotes at least to substantiate the facts and assertions mentioned there.Annotation: This website explores the key events and
Pages: 5 (1250 words), Annotated Bibliography
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Resolving Americas Health Care Crisis: The impact of piecing together a fragmented health care system and implementing effective prevention strategies
The question is based on how these two types of care should be more consistent, specifically in terms of system planning and performance management. The examination then led to looking at policies, performance management and ways in which activities were implemented within different health care system. The conclusion from this investigation all led to the same results, which consisted of policy guidance being a main priority for program development. It was also noted that there needed to be
Pages: 10 (2500 words), Annotated Bibliography
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Spanking chldren
Medical sciences have also proved that, lack of self-confidence due to spanking, can result in adverse effect for the child, which is not at all healthy.If parents are emotionally attached to their kids and talk to them by words rather than actions, so their children can have a good personality and can become a good citizen. Spanking just destroys the child and makes him weak and shatters his self-esteem. André, Erin M Pryor and Elizabeth R. "Child Depressive Symptoms, Spanking, and Emotional
Pages: 7 (1750 words), Annotated Bibliography
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Annotated bibliography on Pamela by S. Richardson
Social and financial success is given to those who have not lost favor with the God and have lived by the guidelines laid by him. The rich classes were considered to be the most favored children of God .Pamela retains her innocence even though she is given the promise of riches if she agrees to be the mistress of Mr B. She “preserves” herself and does not fall in the lure of the riches. This virtue is then rewarded by God by elevating her social as well as financial status. As the book
Pages: 8 (2000 words), Annotated Bibliography
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A policy dictating mandatory marriage classes before couples get married should be introduced
This article contains details and a procedure to be following for those wishing to get married in the state of Florida. Among the requirements at the state of Florida before one gets married is that he or she has to read the Family Law Handbook. Applicants are also required to attend marriage classes and are given financial incentives for that. This article shows the significance with which marriage counseling is viewed in the state of Florida. In my paper, I will argue that the step of a
Pages: 5 (1250 words), Annotated Bibliography
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GROUP ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY PLUS SWOT ANALYSIS and 15 power point presentation slides on word cup event
The actual costs of the 2010 world cup is outlined in terms of transport costs, stadiums, organizing committee, broadcasting, security, legacy projects, telecommunications, arts and culture, and training volunteers to sum up to £3.5bn that is to be footed by South African government. The article also reveals that the high cost was due to underestimated costs during prediction especially on stadiums and infrastructure that then led to a boost in the South African gross domestic product by about
Pages: 8 (2000 words), Annotated Bibliography
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Annotated Bibliography of Air Pollution in Beijing
Comments from various government based agencies like the environment institute have been reported also.The article focuses on a real time position the atmosphere at the city and the effects that it might have. This is mainly because it is a highly rated debate issue as the congress resumes. The current governments’ response to the issue like issuance of real time data has been highlighted.In accordance to this report, the severity of the case, to the government has been highlighted, this
Pages: 6 (1500 words), Annotated Bibliography
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The expansion of NATO over the last twenty years
This book looks at NATO’s decisions since the collapse of the Berlin wall to continually expand eastwards towards the Russian border while absorbing the former soviet republics of Lithuania, Slovakia, and Slovenia etc. The book has a critical tone about this move by the military Alliance to encircle the Russian Federation. It views this decision to expand into Eastern Europe as a fateful venture that to the surprise of many has been accorded very minimal public attention. Many of the
Pages: 11 (2750 words), Annotated Bibliography
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Mediated Violence and the impact it has on adolescents and children
This responsibility is replaced by the numerous exposure of the public to extremely graphic media content. The article cites one major effect of mediated violence is aggression. Aggression is defined as a way in which society members emulate violence from the media. Aggression mostly affects teenagers and children. Extended exposure to mediated violence requires intervention to minimize the psychological effects on the consumers of mediated violence. In the modern century, cases of aggression
Pages: 10 (2500 words), Annotated Bibliography
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Case Study Analysis
Garson (1999) tackles the issue of information technology in the context of public administration in the following regard. One, he tackles the issue of contemporary technology in public administration. More importantly, the book discusses the issue of information privacy with regard to the use of electronic service delivery. This is important in understanding how IT relates to public administration and many challenges the use of IT in public administration may face. & Avery, E. Government
Pages: 4 (1000 words), Annotated Bibliography
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Analysis of Books about Sexual Harassment of Children
Response to child harassment needs to be adopted to reduce difficulties victims and their families encounter when seeking help. The book is accessible and resourceful, but it is quite old and is based almost entirely on the juvenile field. In brief, this book is based on findings of research and clinical work by leading organizations in the UK
Pages: 8 (2000 words), Annotated Bibliography
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Drought vs ALS ice bucket challenge
Essentially, this article elaborates current news event and topical issues in contemporary California.The BBC publication also provides information about past similar events. In this news item produced in August 2014, Leithead, BBC newscast journalist reports the nature and magnitude of drought in California. He describes the drought as the vilest climatic condition experienced in a century.Furthermore, Leithead expounds that the drought caused severe water scarcity for landowners and
Pages: 4 (1000 words), Annotated Bibliography
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How does NAFTA affect US economy
David significantly states that, trade among the NAFTA members more than quadrupled in the past two decades, from $297 billion in 1993 at its conception to $1.2 trillion in the year 2012.The author of this publication outlines that, even though there are very many positives to the treaty, its side effects cannot be ignored. The author says that economists note that earnings have not kept pace with U. They further outline that there is a perpetual rise in the income disparity in the United in
Pages: 5 (1250 words), Annotated Bibliography
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The Essential Work of John Wesley
The book starts by presentation of the life of history of John Wesley, from birth, education, marriage, death. In the presentation, John originated from a family that loved God, which enabled him to grow a spiritual manner that would later support his evangelical mission. The work also covers the works of John Wesley including books, sermons and letters5. The book is useful in the study of John Wesley considering its wide and objective coverage of his works.The book chiefly covers and analyzes
Pages: 4 (1000 words), Annotated Bibliography
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The journal is a study showing how the Chinese people work with foreign managers and employees. The journal recommends that the Chinese people should guide the foreigners to ensure that they adapt.A USA expatriate manager can use this journal to identify the adjustment to make to fit in the Chinese culture. It is crucial for the Chinese people to know how different foreign people behave in their country. They will therefore, guide them in the most convenient way. Therefore it means USA
Pages: 4 (1000 words), Annotated Bibliography
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Annotated Bibliography for Informative Essay
The source will be crucial in offering insight in ways teachers and schools can improve creativity in schools.Geist, E & Hohn, J. Encouraging Creativity in the face of Administrative Convenience: How our Schools Discourage Divergent Thinking. Education, 130(1), 141-150. Retrieved from http://web.The authors of the article are Eugene Geist and Jennifer John. Geist is a Ph. holder and an associate professor of Early Childhood Education at Ohio University while Jennifer is a graduate student in
Pages: 5 (1250 words), Annotated Bibliography
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Children/Family Annotated Bibliography
Therefore, the text is of the opinion that family connectedness is the only to protect the youths against sexually risky behaviors. Therefore, the text recommends that there should be an increased acknowledgement of the role that family relationships play in manning behaviors of the youths and also the need to facilitate strong parent-child relationships.The particular text refers the role that parental attachment and family connectedness play in preventive suicide among the early adults. As
Pages: 4 (1000 words), Annotated Bibliography
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About Annotated Bibliography

Samples of Annotated Bibliography 

Annotated bibliography might seem like the easiest thing to do, considering its short format. However, don’t assume it will be smooth sailing if you underestimate the assignment. The comparisons in writing an annotated bibliography come from the application of the different type of formatting.

If you need help in writing your bibliography, you can hire the professional services of our writers at an amazingly affordable price. Sometimes, the hectic academic schedule may not allow you to master the art of crafting an outstanding annotated bibliography. Consider requesting one from the best players in the market.

This primary reason for this guide is to give expert advice on the aspects to be considered when writing an annotated bibliography.

What is an Annotated Bibliography? It is a compilation of all the references from sources in publications or articles that are used in creating a research paper, essay or research paper. A brief evaluative paragraph, called annotation, backs each citation.

The reason to include the annotation is to validate the covered sources. An Annotated Bibliography is classified into two sections:

  • A citation to your sources. One can use the standard academic styles like APA or MLA.
  • An annotation. Consists of a short paragraph explaining the sources included.

Depending on the requirements and purpose of a bibliography, an annotation can be in three forms:

  • As a summary. This type seeks to describe the source by highlighting and giving answers about the document – who, what, where, why, when, and how.
  • An evaluation. Type of annotation that includes a summarized assessment of the document’s relevance and consistency.
  • As a reflection of the source.

Common Annotated Bibliography Citation Styles

The most common type of referencing style in writing an Annotated Bibliography is Chicago MLA and APA. In the case of MLA annotated bibliography style, a concise description of the listed sources is included.

Generally, in most cases, references are cited using MLA style.

If you check out a sample annotated bibliography, an MLA styled annotated bibliography should have a have a one-inch margin on the left and a double-spacing between the entries. Still, the annotation is not placed in a different line from the citation. MLA style stipulates numbering your citations. Note that the additional examples are located down the page. Each entry should include summarized details of your source.

The Chicago style annotated bibliography guidelines feature distinct formatting and indentation rules. Such formatting style requires the use of double spacing in the text. Additionally, locate the numbering at the right top right position in each page and apply a serif font like Times New Roman.

Bibliography Format: Structure and Outline

The length of the annotated bibliography will depend on the number of required sources. It’s important that you follow the annotation guidelines to the letter. You need to pay attention to these outline guidelines:

  • List all your sources correctly using the recommended style.
  • Structured order. Sources are to be listed in alphabetical order using the correct indentations.
  • The annotation should be comprehensive in listing the source of your content.
  • Academic tone and language. Be clear and concise when writing your annotation.
  • Relevant topic. There should be a correlation between your title and the included sources.

The first paragraph in a Bibliography format consists of a summary covering the main points of work. The preceding paragraph evaluates the work’s strength in the view to reinforce the claims or arguments.

When it comes to writing an Annotated Bibliography, there are two writing styles you can use –write in either sentences or points. An example of a historical-centered Annotated Bibliography is well represented with points especially when you are stating events in a timeline.

Limit the texts on work to ten sentences. As such, dedicate a lot of emphasis on the primary ideas. A longer annotation will call for the inclusion of an introduction and entries arranged under topics.

Compete Guide on APA Annotated Bibliography Citation

An annotated bibliography is specially written to detail the purpose of the research. In an APA style, the texts containing the analytical entry are written in bold. APA Publication Manual requires that an annotated bibliography features double-spaces within citations and also hanging indents. Additionally, a space between the annotation and the citation is common to this style.

As APA style citation samples show, you can list references in many forms, depending on the area of interests. Note that the APA annotated bibliography shares some similarities with MLA formatting. A noticeable difference is identifications format where the name of the author starts with the last name first and then followed by initials.

Another different element is how the date and paper title is named. All other conditions of the MLA apply to an APA-cited Annotated Bibliography.

We also have ASA annotated bibliography templates that are available for download. You will notice that ASA style will require the writer to stick to the standard rules of formatting and placement of title, margins, sub/headings, endnotes, and footnotes.

Professional Assistance from Elite Experts

You may or may not have heard about annotated bibliography website generators. These websites use an automated system to check grammar errors and plagiarism. Also, they promise to format and include a citation on your bibliography. However, be assured that nothing beats our real human interaction and the personalized customer support we offer our clients.

If you have been struggling with your annotated bibliography, consider hiring our elite academic writers. We offer writing assistance to students at an affordable price. Once you request for help, we will work on your order and have it delivered before the deadline. Our writers take pride in vast experience in academic writing and distinguished educational accomplishments gained at top universities in the UK.

Our straightforward process of placing an order demands only the requirements of the paper from you. Once you select a writer of your choice, you can leave it to the experts and be assured we deliver a high-quality annotated bibliography. Clients also enjoy interactive communication with the expert to track the progress of their order.

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