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Philosophy Admission/Application Essay Samples

Hypothetical and Categorical Imperatives
Moral law as Kant rightfully claims must have two characteristics; frst, i must have universal application and second; i can never be imposed externally as any such imposition would immediately violate the other principle of morality – autonomy of agents. Amoral should rather be followed...
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The Repertory of Orientalism
This disparity, acording to Said, i because of the fact that while Americans and French had direct connections with Indians, i terms of having ruled over India (in having India as a colony at one point of time or another), te Americans are only indirectly...
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How to Cope with Death
Psychologists, social workers, and doctors often find themselves in the unwanted position of either having to inform a person of a loved one’s death or having to help a patient cope with his/her impending death.  A doctor must have a formidable constitution in order to...
The significance of Socrates Statement: The Unexamined Life is not Worth Living
His defense when on trial was to reinforce that any life that does not include thoughts toward education, plitics, rligion, sience, ad education was a life that had no real value or purpose. H often compared the activities of those in society who behaved strictly...
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Socrates Life
It is therefore Socrates is aptly quoted to be stating that the theme of real knowledge is that one must declare that he knows nothing. Te reason behind pretending ignorance about several concepts including virtue, jstice, curage, vgilance and much more including lack of comprehensive...
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To Philosophy of the Mind/Theology
He strongly holds to the opinion that that the substantial understanding of the body and soul should enable a human being to contend to the fact that it is more than just a mere interdependence and interrelation two distinct substances. Tis he explained in De...
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Deciphering 5 quotes
Result of this intense effort to understand leads mankind into a labyrinth, amaze of paradoxes, ad a riddle that is impossible to comprehend, tereby making it a fruitless attempt to unravel the secrets and get the answers. Hre the author refers to the innate qualities...
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Soul Immortality
Essentially, te argument goes that we know some things to be true, fr instance, gometric proofs which are self evidently true (or a priori). We also know, hwever, tat the sense cannot be trusted to understand truth – senses can be deceived, ad if we...
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Kant's Argument for the existence of God
Kant states that for his argument to be feasible, ten there must be a universal moral law that an individual must fin via the application of reason. Oce the universal moral law is acquired and accomplished then an individual feels the obligation to adhere and...
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Asian Philosophy
Hence, h should not stress himself into understanding or unravelling the truth in matters like death and after life. Cnfucius can said to be agnostic, wo repeatedly addressed that man must restore his relationship with fellow beings more, lke parents, fmily, svereign and strangers, s...
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Rubric & Guidelines
This is explained by the presence of choice as explained by Weil. Te company has the choice of engaging in fraudulent activities or the right business even if they are undergoing bad times in the market. Krl Marx identifies a product as an outside object...
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Dialogue between fukuyama and joseph nye
When you joined school you took the same attitude there. Yu never got satisfied with being just an average student. Yu always strived for success. Wen you were in fourth grade, yu became the best student in Leo district and that changed everything. Jseph Nye:...
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No topic
Demonstrate that God (i) exists, (i) is the reason for the force of the mediator by the creator of his inclination as a reasoning thing and the reason for the meditators presence both as inventor and conserver. Descartes proof of God is cosmological as...
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Similarities and Differences between Aristotles and Platos Ideal City State
Plato believed that the guardians were the only individuals who qualified to rule given their unique and extensive knowledge and skills. H further explains that the guardians are able to effectively rule because they are wise, jst, mderate and courageous (136). Aistotle argues that citizens...
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Which do you think is more important, the common good or individual freedom WHY
The point is that there is no necessity to choose whether we need to protect individual freedom or common good, bcause these two things are both prioritized. Hmans can express their freedom to make decisions, coosing rationally what is profitable for both them and society....
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Plato's definition of justice
He widely criticized the theories presented by other philosophers like Thrasymachus, Cphalus, Gaucon, ad Polymarchus etc. Te theory of justice coined by Plato discussed that justice is a significant form of human virtue which is useful in making a human being self-conscious, god, slf-consistent and...
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Ethical Philosophies
The basic principle of egoism is rational self-interest. Oe should look or pursue actions that realize or are in line with their self-interest (Chatterjee, 2011). Multinational companies that serve to protect the interest of their profits and owners ignore the call for preservation of the...
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Case study
The two never meets eye to eye. Tere is a big difference between politics and leadership. Wile a politician is selfish and seeks individual power, aleader is benevolent and carries the interest of the majority with him. Icannot understand Ciarra when she tries to associate...
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