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Biology Admission/Application Essay

Patterns of inheritance
One such disorder is Huntington’s disease. This disease results in irreversible mental deterioration and instability. Because of the disease being dominant, there are no individuals that ‘carry’ alleles. Instead, in order to answer the questions, individuals that carry one of each allele will be used. Thus, a cross between two carriers (heterozygotes) would result in three quarters of the offspring having the disease and one not. A cross between a female that did not have the disease and
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The diseases name
The non-disjunction event can occur in either parent, but more likely to occur in females. Congenital birth defects are difficult to treat still, with the prevalence of disease condition research studies are going on to formulate a definite cure for the disease condition.Statistics reveal that there is 71 percent increase in the cases of Down Syndrome, in the year 1989-90, the number of cases reported were1,075; while in 2007-8 the number of cases increased to 1,843. One of the chief reasons is
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Common Assessment
It is possible to block the over expression of an oncogene at the genetic level by integrating it with an antisense gene with a transcript that selectively binds to the oncogene RNA. This impairs the oncogene’s capacity to direct the production of protein. Scientists have verified the effectiveness of this procedure by both in vivo and in vitro experiments, which have demonstrated that when an antisense vector of K-RAS is integrated into lung cancer cells over expressing their K-RAS, their
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Physical Science Biotethics Objection of Women
Beyond the evil of transforming the child into a commercial product, there exist a myriad of disadvantages of gestational surrogacy. First is the propagation of a chain of sociological deviant behaviors. Failure to reproduce because of abortions, fear of transmitting sexually transmitted viruses to newborns following immoral conducts, and same sex relationships are some of reasons for Gestational surrogacy to reproduction and lack moral justification. Gestational surrogacy proponents base their
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Six Comments of the Experiment - Forensic Test on Hair Samples
The sources used are also reputable, and she mainly uses respectable and professional websites, as well a books.Santanna White talks about Chromatography. White begins her paper by defining the term Chromatography, and this makes it possible to know what she is talking about. Furthermore, she explains its importance, in the field of science, i. it helps in the identification of a substance that is not known. White further identifies the reason of this lab test, hence a reader would know her
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Inherited Disease
These mutations cause changing in single protein building blocks, called amino acids in CFTR protein or remove a short amount of DNA from the CFTR gene. As a result abnormal channels produced and breaks down quickly, so they don`t arrive to the cell membrane for chloride ions transporting. There are two working copies (alleles) of the CFTR gene in most people. Only one is needed to prevent cystic fibrosis. CF develops when neither allele can produce a functional CFTR protein. Thus, CF is
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Gene Technology
So genetic code is a set of nitrogen base combinations that act as code for the production of certain amino acids. And a long chain of amino acids arranged in particular sequence forms proteins which control all the traits in living organisms. The greatest feature of DNA molecule is that it can be passed on from generation to generation without changes as it can copy itself. This knowledge about DNA molecules and genes give new possibilities for manipulating with them. And the first task was to
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Diabetes type one
This paper will discuss the history, causes, diagnosis and disease epidemiology of type 1 DM.In the 1970s, scientists described type 1 DM as an auto immune disease (Polonsky, 2012). This means that the body’s own immune system attacks its body cells rather than foreign invaders. The description was founded on observations that discovered auto-antibodies against islets of Langerhans in persons with diabetes and other deficiencies of autoimmunity. Later in the 1980s, it was also established
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Development (subcategory: x chromosome inactivation)
The process is random and all the derived daughter cells inherit the same inactive X chromosome. This is a natural process so as to maintain one working X chromosome in both male and female. The phenomenon is coined as X inactivation or Lyonization, ensuring that females also have one functional X chromosome in every cell of the body (Minks & Brown, 2009).As genes synthesise protein molecules, if both the X chromosomes express themselves, then females are going to have double the number of
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